Saturday, October 27, 2007

Edwards in cat fight with UNC Journalism coed

The New York Times picks up the story of the Breck girl's campaign to silence UNC Journalism student Carla Babb. John Edwards campaign is upset over a student journalist's video entry for an MTV award.

The Times writes that Ms. Babb, posted the report on YouTube as an entry to a video contest sponsored by MTV, giving the report the potential for national viewing. Ms. Babb had initially approached the Edwards campaign to interview a student working as an intern at its headquarters, but the piece changed focus after the initial request, taking a closer look at the location of Mr. Edwards’s campaign headquarters in Chapel Hill, in light of its poverty message, which had been a subject of a column in the university newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel.

Edwards apparently didn't want to get nailed with yet another charge of hyprocrisy after those stories came out about his 28,000 square foot home, the $400 haircuts, the swanky job with the Hedge fund to "learn about poverty" not to mention having two bloggers working for his campaign blaspheming the Son of God and mocking the faith of Catholics in print. In reaction to the vile comments made by the bloggers and the vociferous protest that followed Edwards said, "We're beginning a great debate about the future of our country, and we can't let it be hijacked,". I guess it's OK for his campaign to hijacked by anti-Christian bigots.

Captain Ed weighs in on the latest episode of John Edwards stepping in it.

This demonstrates why Edwards won't win any election, ever. His team shows its inexperience and its heavy-handedness at almost every turn. They have no idea how they come across, and that lack of self-analysis comes right from the very top. Edwards wants to pose himself as the champion of the downtrodden and the equalizer who will bring economic balance -- while building himself a 28,000-square-foot mansion that could house hundreds. He's a poseur, an affectation looking for substance, and when that gets exposed, his campaign attempts to censor those who point it out.

Edwards Places Campaign Headquarters in NC

Drudge links to this video captioned, "Edwards' Campaign Demands Student Journalist Yank Story From YouTube". Why is "man-of-the-people-I-was-a-poor-boy-now-I'm-a-pretty-boy" Edwards have to fear in a student journalism piece about where he chose to locate his campaign headquarters? Is Edwards so insecure about people perceiving him as a hypocrite that he wants to shut down the free speech rights of College Students? The video presents both sides of the story and isn't a "hit piece" or anything like it. For a bona fide agenda driven story trying to pass as impartial journalism, please reference crazy Keith Olbermann or aspiring Marxist Chris Matthews.

12 Stones - Broken

Friday Night Music. 12 Stones are a great power band hailing from Mandeville, LA. Listening to a Marshall stack pushing a mountain of hot guitar riffs over the sound waves doesn't hurt my genteel rock 'n roll sensibilities one little bit.

Friday, October 26, 2007

In time for Halloween - Profile of Code Pink Lunatic

Sweetness and Light has photos and a link from YouTube up on the flipped out straitjacket case that attacked the Secretary of State the other day. Video and still photos of Dr. Rice's encounter with the nutball appear here.

A profile on the sicko is available here. The scary part is that this psycho was a school teacher at one time. Can you imagine leaving your kids in that care of this creature? "You got a D on your test! A DEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!"

In the article she's described as someone who "strongly supports the troops" and then goes on to proclaim, “Our troops are committing atrocities." From one side of her mouth she says she supports our men and women fighting terrorists and from the other side she accuses them of unspeakable horrors. That's the zany, madcap, upside down world of Code Pinko.

Code Pinkos try to intimidate Condi Rice

A Code Pink hag assaults Secretary of State Condeleza Rice as she arrives to testify before the House Foreign Relations Committee on October 24th. How Ms. Rice's security detail allowed this mental case to get within 10 feet of her I hope will be the subject of review by those responsible for the Secretary's physical safety. The screeching, frantic harridan that threatened Dr. Rice was quickly dispatched by members of the Diplomatic Security Service. Police later mopped up the hearing room of other Code Pink lunatics dispersed among the crowd. Thank God this old trout was not armed! Does anyone in the House chamber do a security sweep for goons with red paint splattered on their hands or wearing ridiculous pink colored rags and other ersatz clothing at an event designated for grownups? Between bouts of baying at the moon, the sociopaths at Code Pink love to crow (literally) about how they are "freedom fighters". Yep, they do their level best to fight freedom!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Michael Yon: Message from Iraq

Michael Yon is one of the premier citizen-journalists covering the War in Iraq today. Michael has been likened to Ernie Pyle, the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist who covered the battles of World War II from the ordinary soldiers point of view. Michael's experience as a former soldier and photographer and prolific writer have served him well as he writes about the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the War being fought in Iraq.

His recent post, "Resistance is futile: You will be (mis)informed." is a clarion call for the West to wake up to the necessity of winning this War against terrorism and recognize that the steady diet of bad news they are getting from Iraq does not reflect the reality of the situation that exists in that land.

Some of the most poingient oberservations he makes in the article cover the differences between what we are told by the mainstream press and Hollywood elitists about what is happening in Iraq versus the day-to-day life and struggle for self-determination that the Iraqi people engage in on a 24/7 basis.

Michael tells of, the bizarro-world contrast between what most Americans seem to think is happening in Iraq versus what is really happening in Iraq. Knowing this disconnect exists and experiencing it directly are two separate matters. It’s like the difference between holding the remote control during the telecast of a volcanic eruption on some distant island (and then flipping the channel), versus running for survival from a wretch of molten lava that just engulfed your car.

Today I am in Iraq, back in a war of such strategic consequence that it will affect generations yet unborn—whether or not they want it to. Hiding under the covers will not work, because whether it is good news or bad, whether it is true or untrue, once information is widely circulated, it has such formidable inertia that public opinion seems impervious to the corrective balm of simple and clear facts.

I wasn’t back in Iraq three days before this critical disconnect rocketed up from the ground and whacked me in the face. There I was with British soldiers, preparing for a mission with a duration of more than ten days in the southern province of al Basra, when someone asked me about the media reports alleging that Basra city had collapsed into violent chaos. Not wishing to trust solely to my own eyes and ears, I asked around and was able to quickly confirm what I’d already noted: conditions in this region had improved dramatically in the months since my previous embed with the Brits.

Read the whole thing here and pass the word around.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Louisiana takes a new direction

Louisiana voters chose U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal to be their new governor in what had been a highly contested election. After the Hurricane Katrina fiasco Governor Kathleen Blanco had decided against running for a second term as the head of the Pelican State.

Bobby Jindal ran on a platform of fighting corruption in government and battling those "feeding at the public trough". Oxford-educated Mr. Jindal is the son of Indian immigrants and becomes the first nonwhite to hold office in the state since the days of Reconstruction.

The A.P. carries the story here.

I wish governor-elect Jindal much success in his new office.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) Outrageous Remarks on House Floor

Sixteen term Democrat Congressman Pete Stark-Raving-Mad, representing East Bay Area communities from Alameda to Fremont, California engages in a little Soviet propaganda from the Halcyon days of the KGB. "The fish rots from the head" said the wonks of the infamous secret police agency as they waged ideological warfare against the West by manufacturing heinous slanders about American Presidents. This weeks political theatre was no different. Ostensibly the debate was about "saving the children" by taking a program meant to provide healthcare for poor needy children and distending it out of all proportion to finally morph into a fat middle-class entitlement program for "kids" up to 25 years old with parents "scrimping by" on only $83,000 a year. This latest stunt was a ploy to drive private health insurers out of business and create a national health care system through the back door. The Congressman used the opportunity on the House Floor to slander his enemy, the President of the United States. Anyone awake in the East Bay? This nut needs to be sent home by the voters! Instead of addressing grown-ups in Congress he needs to sit quietly in his therapy class making paper airplanes.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in the Game

Haven't posted in awhile. I have to admit I've been overwhelmed by speed and intensity of the news coming over the wire as of late.

After my post on Friday September 28th I've been simply floored by statements made by politicians, decisions handed down by the courts, laws enacted by legislatures and coverage given by the media. I've been astounded as to how modern day leftists have so closely and effectively adhered to the goals and talking points of the Communist Party of the Nineteen Sixties.

It's been truly amazing to see just how successful they have been in attaining their goals.

Nikita Khrushchev would be proud of them.

Mao Tse-Tung would blush from their cohesion into American life.

Josef Stalin would call them kindred.

Vladimir Lenin would see them as his progeny.

Karl Marx would proclaim, "Look what I have wrought!"

No longer cast into the same dowdy mold of the Communists of a bygone era, today's Neocommunists run the gauntlet from the hygenically challenged "Peace Activits" terrorizing Universities and citizenry to the carefully coiffured members of the smart set.

The diversity they display on the outsife belies the Marxist orthodoxy they adhere to on the inside. They are not patriots at all but enthusiastic internationalists which explains their tepid reaction to issues of concern for the life and saftey of the Republic. Their allegiance is not red, white and blue but bright ruby red. James Lewis, writing in The American Thinker offers an insightful article here on the evidence for Neocommunism.

Since they have so carefully and faithfully followed the 45 Goals of the Communist Party of the 1960's, in future posts I will make a point of highlighting which of the stated goals of the CP is exemplified by the news coming out of the wire today.

God preserve and defend the U.S.A.