Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barack Obama's Plans for Iran

Despite Senator Barack Obama's furious backpeddling on his July 2007 announcement that if elected President he would meet without pre-conditions with Iran the Illinois Senator and his proxies in the campaign and in the media now maintain that such a meeting must be made "at the appropriate time and with the appropriate preparation," a video from the CNN Democratic candidates debate cleary shows otherwise with candidate asserting that he would meet with Iran without preconditions.

In the third video Barack Obama tells a crowd of enraptured supporters that Iran poses no threat to the United States. To the cheers of his adoring listeners, Senator Obama intones that "strong countries and strong Presidents talk to their adversaries". Mr. Obama plays with history here by saying "that's what Kennedy did with Kruschev, that's what Reagan did with Gorbachev,".

The Senator conveniently omits from his flowery narrative the "talking" that U.S. Presidents did with enemies such as the Soviet Union was CONFRONTATION backed up with the threat of annihilation of the leaders of enemy regimes and their militaries.

John F. Kennedy's nice little chat with his beligerent and portly Russian counterpart came about when it was revealed that the Russians under Nikita Khrushchev were installing ballistic missiles in Cuba. The President rightly saw these offensive weapons as a threat to the United States. President Kennedy confronted Kruschev with his subterfuge and threatened to go to war with the U.S.S.R. if they did not remove the missiles they installed on that prison island.

The Soviet missile installations were discoverd on October 15th 1962 in reconnaissance photos gathered by U2 spy planes. After intense consultations with his advisors on October 22nd of that year President Kennedy revealed the Soviet gambit to the world and declared an immediate quarantine of the Communist ruled island. To show the Russians that he meant business and was not in the mood to wait for the pastry cart to come around the President dispatched the U.S. Navy to enforce a blockade of Castro's Cuba.

The world was driven to the brink of total nuclear war in October 1962. President Kennedy DEMANDED not asked, not pleaded, not threatend economic sanctions, DEMANDED that Kruschev dismantle and remove the missiles from Cuba. Does that sound like a friendly reasonable little chat to you Senator Obama? School children during that time were practicing what to do in the event of a nuclear attack! Daring tea and crumpet soirees were not being held at the Soviet and American embassies at that interval in American history!

World War III was narrowly averted when Khrushchev relented and announced on October 28th 1962 that he would dismantle the installations and move the missles back to Russia in exchange for assurances that the United States would not invade the Marxist Dictatorship of Fidel and Raul Castro's Cuba.

During this crisis, President Kennedy as a patriot and decorated World War II Navy veteran stood up as a man before the menace facing the nation and declared to the world that Khrushchev's folly would not prevail.

Here is Senator Obama waxing eloquent about his claim that Iran poses no threat to the United States.

Contrary to Senator Obama's dreamy description President Reagan also recognized the Soviet leviathon as an evil force in the world. He did not entertain Pollyanna-like illusions about the Communist threat but aptly referred to it as "the evil empire". In what the urbane Senator from Illinois would surely consider a prime example of "cowboy diplomacy" and a diplomatic faux pas the fortieth President of the United States once quipped in front of an open mic during a radio sound check, "I've just passed a law outlawing Russia. We start bombing in five minutes." While liberals at the time howled in protest at the inpropriety of his barb it made the apparatchiks in the Kremlin nervous. They viewed Reagan as unpredictable and dangerous. Not bad qualities to project when dealing with the cold, calculating and cynical masters of the old Soviet gulag.

As Gorbachev presented a happy face for the Communist regime Reagan lost no time in confronting his well-heeled counterpart with the reality of the human cost exacted by that evil entity when he said while delivering a speech to tens of thousands in front of the Berlin wall, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Lest anyone forget John Fitzgerald Kennedy's committment to confront the enslavement of millions by the Soviet monolith we have his speech before the people of Berlin many years earlier. President Kennedy had no illusions about the Communists or about our enemies.

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