Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama wants to meet America's enemies: Not America's Commanders

Sergeant Garrett Anderson of the Illinois Army National Guard was one of the 12 veterans denied a meeting with Senator Obama in April of 2008. Sergeant Anderson wasn't surprised by Obama's rebuff in light of the Senator's stated goal of surrendering Iraq to the terrorists.

Sergeant Anderson wants to know:

Why hasn't Obama met with General Petraeus?

Why won't he visit Iraq?

Why would Senator Obama rather talk about meeting—unconditionally—with Iran, instead of meeting with veterans and commanders?

I think that's a great question for the wannabe Commander in Chief who muses about his maternal "uncle" who "liberated Auschwitz" during World War II.

What are you afraid of Senator Obama?


More info available from Vets for Freedom.

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Paul said...

Thank you for adding your voice to the growing opposition to this man's campaign. "Weird" barely covers it; he is a truly scary person.

Rev. Paul Gleason
Anchorage, Alaska

p.s. If it's okay with you, I'd like to add your site to my blog, "Way Up North."