Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King -- Ask Me No Questions

From the anals of Blues greats stand the remarkable similarities and contrasts that existed between the late Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King. Both men were legends and peers in the world of blues music both in their time and in posterity. Ranked number 7 in Rolling Stones line-up of greatest guitarists of all time. Vaughn the right handed guitar player from Dallas Texas learned the guitar from his older brother Jimmie but never learned to read sheet music relying instead on playing by ear. Albert King was self taught on the guitar and hailed from Indianola Mississippi. King played in an upside down and backwards manner on the guitar, playing a left handed guitar with the strings reversed as though for a right hander. King was known as the Velvet Bulldozer for his searing guitar licks and expressive bending of guitar strings tuned in a way unrivaled by his contemporaries to hit the high notes of his solos for maximum effect. King referred to himself as Vaughan's musical godfather for the influence that his unique style had on the Dallas musician.

Both men died untimely deaths long before their careers had fully run their course. Vaughan died in August 1990 from injuries sustained in a helicopter crash outside of East Troy, Wisconson. King suffered a fatal heart attack in December of 1992 while in Memphis, Tennesee.

Here both men are seen together performing one of King's tunes called "Ask Me No Questions".

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