Friday, July 11, 2008

Iran's long-range missile test a photo hoax

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs noticed some basic fauxtography at work in the photo of the new and improved Shahab-3 released by the Iran's Fars news agency on Wednesday.
Later digging by the blogger showed the reason for the fakery was the failure of one of the missiles in the purported test to launch as planned. The failed missile was covered over with the image of one of the successsful launches. Further analysis by military experts and observers revealed the missiles were the same old version of the Shahab-3 that has been in Iran's arsenal since 1998.

LGF showed detailed images here of the Iranian regime's photo flap and later provided the Mullah's with an enhanced version to circulate to Western Journalists and Editors here. was also quick to note the forgery and published and amusing post in response to the latest bit of Iranian propaganda.

Since then, Bloggers and other Pundits quick with cropping tools have offered their own versions of the Iranian smoke and mirrors show.
Some of my favorites:

What fakery? By

IranZilla. By TheMiniBlog.

Iran Bomb Magnet. By mikrofon at

And finally "Yelp" by Colorado Doug and GOPyouth at

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