Thursday, October 23, 2008

Code Pinko Nut Case Tries To "Arrest" Carl Rove

Forgetting to don her protective Tinfoil Hat to guard against the Rovian mind rays, a Code Pink "protester" provides for a bit of entertaining video from SanFran as she tries to slap the cuffs on Carl Rove for "treason". Rove was participating in a panel discussion at the annual Mortgage Banker's Convention when spontaenous Bay Area lunacy errupted on the stage before the cameras. I guess if you're a successful American serving in an administration that provides the country with a strong defense and is the most pro-Israel of any of its predecessors and you happen to be a Christian, this qualifies you for citizen's arrest in the minds of crazed and frenzied leftists.

Get set for more of this kind of hilarity if Pelosi and her gang win big this November.

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