Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drudge Report: Network News Slumps; Viewership Fades

All the fawning publicity the alphabet soup networks have been doling out to Obama and the Democrats have put the squeeze on their ratings and what's left of their scant credibility. Drudge carries a news item on the steady drop in viewership experienced by the three major TV news organizations.

As the shouting from the trail and the frantic spinning from the anchor desks intensify, the audience is voting with their remotes.

All 3 evening news shows experienced audience drops year-to-year for the week of Oct. 13-19, 2008.

CBSNEWS w/ Couric shed a half a million viewers, falling from 6.4 million to 5.9 million; ABCNEWS dropped from 8.1 million to 7.6 million; NBCNEWS slumped from 8.2 million to 7.8 million.

I guess the big Nets didn't bargain for all the "Joe the Plummer" types out there regularly tuning out their nightly pomp and propaganda shows in TV land.

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