Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joe Biden Gets The Third Degree In TV Inverview

Senators Obama and Biden have had their interviews with the media spoon fed to them by an adoring press corps, both Dem candidates are stunned when they are asked tough questions that get to the heart of what their candidacy is all about. Obama was embarrassed by a regular Joe like Joe the Plummer Wurzelbacher in Ohio and Biden is nearly apoplectic when asked by WFTV Channel 9’s Barbara West if his running-mate's ideas for wealth redistribution are Marxist. Biden is so shocked by the directness of the question that he splutters, Are you joking?

You can see the mendaciousness of the Obama-Biden campain played out in this interview. Stunned at the tough questioning about Obama's association with ACORN, an exasperated Joe Biden tells the reporter, I am not embarrassed we are not tied to it. We haven't paid ACORN one single penny to register a single solitary voter. Well, it may be true that the liberal Senators have never directly asked ACORN to go get "Joe Bag-O-Donuts" and "Sally Sixpence" to vote for them but the fact remains that B.O.'s campaign contributed $832,000 to an ACORN affiliated organization this year.

Gateway Pundit points to this October 11th article from the Journal Sentinal. The article reads in part, (t)he group is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN. The group has boasted of registering some 1.3 million voters, often minorities and the poor, mainly in battleground states.

Its workers and tactics, however, have come under scrutiny in about 11 states, and some workers face possible criminal charges.

In one Indiana county, officials say 2,000 forms were bogus. In Nevada, workers are accused of using the Dallas Cowboys roster on forms. Officials there raided an ACORN office this week.
A host of other instances have been cited: fake names, bad addresses, dead people.

In Milwaukee, where ACORN turned in at least 33,000 registrations, the group improperly used felons as registration workers. Additionally, its workers are among 49 cases of bad registrations sent to authorities for possible charges, as first reported by the Journal Sentinel.

A city election official said Friday that about 90% of the 49 cases were workers for ACORN, with nearly all of the rest part of the Community Voters Project. The 49 individuals submitted about 300 registration cards, all sent to authorities for review.

So far, two people, both with the voters project, have been charged with felonies.

Gateway Pundit and Doug Ross and The Cleveland Leader have more on Obama's long-time association with ACORN.

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