Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mike Moseley: The Democratic Plan On Election Day

This Townhall Blogger makes some very sensational claims on what he says could be in store for us on Election Day.

The MSM, the entire Democratic party, and the Pumas know that the polls are fake. They will try to advance Obama any way they can and try to dishearten every single person that will vote for McCain/Palin..........They are, and will plant the seeds of racism at any cost. Acorn has added millions of false votes into the system for the purpose for taking this election after the polls are closed. When the counting starts the fascism will be in full display primarily to GOP election officials. They will be literally shoving people into the backroom and away from the ballots........The Democrats and the Main Stream Media can not accept another loss and clearly have made plans to steal this election.

Moseley links to these disturbing interviews from Democratic Party faithful who tell in chilling detail the fraud and intimidation they witnessed during the Democratic Party Primaries and Caucuses by supporters of Barack Obama. These segments are from a documentary about alleged voter fraud in the Democratic primary of 2008. The documentary by Gigi Gaston is called We Will Not Be Silenced.

Judi McLeod wants to know why the Obama camp and Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi are so confident of a win this November. What is it that Barack Obama knows that the rest of us don’t?

Meanwhile Hillary says it's time to forgive and forget as she admonishes her Democratic primary supporters in Palm Beach, Florida to Close the Deal for Obama. The New York Senator told her listeners, Just because the polls show us ahead don't pay any attention to that. We need you to vote. We need you to early vote. We need you to bring your friends and your neighbors to vote.

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