Monday, October 13, 2008

Over 20,000 See Sarah Palin At Richmond Speedway

More than 20,000 wildly enthusiastic supporters rallied at the Richmond, Virginia Motor Speedway to hear Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin roast Barack Obama and President Bush as big government spenders. The Washington Post's The Trail reported, "America, we cannot just afford another big spender in the White House," Palin said before a packed audience "Our country is facing tough times, and needs a tough man as president." While waiting for Palin to speak the entusiastic crowd chanted, No-bama! and We want FOX! before the governor's speech before supporters. Addressing the crowd former Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore said, Now my friends, the liberal elite, a comment greeted by a round of booing from the crowd, they want you to believe this race is over, Kilgore's comment generated another round of boos. Kilgore said: "They want you to give up, they want you to stay home. Thank God you didn't listen. We are on the verge of a great victory, and victory starts right here in Virginia."Hank Williams Jr. took up the same theme when he sang a tune of the "McCain-Palin tradition." He mocked the "left-wing media" for writing negative stories about Republicans but quickly added, "The American people don't believe them anyway, you see."

Oh heavens and Obama! What will the Editors of the New York Times and Maureen Dowd have to say about all that uncontrolled emotion coming from a crowd of unfettered McCain-Palin supporters in Virginia? And at a Motor Speedway no less!

(Photo from Hillbuzz)

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