Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brrrrh - Global Warming Drops Record Snow and Sleet On Las Vegas

That darn global warming! -- You try carbon crediting it out, you try AlGore inspired bloviating it out, you try empty-headed Hollywood celebrity whining it out and you still get....Global Warming 'Round the Corner! -- Global Warming 'Round the Corner!

Las Vegas is getting pummeled by record amounts of snow and sleet dropping inches of the white stuff onto the desert gaming resort. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the latest storm is bringing three to six inches of of snow to the valley floors and up to 10 inches to the foothills above 2500 feet.

The sudden spate of wintry weather is closing highways in the Southern regions of the Silver state. Officials at Vegas' McCarran International Airport say they have no snow removal equipment to remove the wintry precipitation from aircraft trying to leave the city for sunnier climes, so travelers have a one-way ticket into the palm tree paradise in the Nevada desert.

The Review-Journal cites Transportation Department Spokesman Bob McKenzie's admonition to motorists to stay in Las Vegas for the duration of the storm if possible.

What happens in Vegas is definitely staying in Vegas for awhile.

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