Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel Hits Hamas Gaza HQ

While pressing the French to sponsor a "humanitarian truce" of 48 hours to allow for the free flow of such "humanitarian" necessities as baby bottles, aspirin, band aids, guitar picks and Katyushas the first item on Hamas' busy schedule today was to have its headquarters blown up by the IAF. Israel rejected the French proposal saying that it lacked any mechanism to stop the flow of rockets into the Gaza strip. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said, It is not realistic to expect Israel to cease fire unilaterally with no mechanism to enforce the cessation of shooting and terror from Hamas.

While Israel has been careful to target Hamas military and communications infrastructure, Hamas has been intent on targeting Israeli civilians and places such as homes, apartments, restaurants, schools and hospitals. What further proof does the world need of Hamas' goal to destroy the entire Jewish race? All of the protesters who have demonstrated in behalf of Hamas against Israeli "aggression" while saying nothing, not one peep, about the 10,500 rockets that have routinely been fired at southern Israel by the murderous thugs gathered in Gaza are contemptible lower-than-dirt fools.

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