Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joe The Plummer Snooper Resigns Ohio Post

Michelle Malkin reports that Ohio government snooper Helen Jones-Kelley resigned her post after two of her fellow travelers, Doug Thompson, the deputy director of child support and Fred Williams, assistant agency director who also resigned over the flap caused by their unauthorized investigation of Joe Wurzelbacher's (Joe the Plummer's) tax records and potential child-support payment. The digging into Wurzelbacher's records began shortly after his taped impromptu interview with then candidate Barack Obama went viral and threated to upset the One's road to the White House.

You can follow the updates here and here.

Ed Morrissey writes more on Jones-Kelley's actions inspired by devotion for the One.

What did Jones-Kelley do? She tipped off Team Obama to potential donors for an Obama fundraiser at a Dayton school, and used her work e-mail to do it. She identified at least one other public official as a potential invitee, who did get an invitation and attended with the requisite $2,500 donation.

The revelation of partisan electoral activities by Jones-Kelley adds to the skepticism over her actions in investigating Wurzelbacher. Jones-Kelley had already abused her position to raise funds for Obama, and so her transition to trampling Wurzelbacher’s civil rights in order to help smear him after the presidential debate seems more consistent in that context.

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