Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Tribute 2009

Can't be said any better than this:

November 10, 1775 - November 10, 2009 - Happy Birthday USMC

Belated birthday greetings to the Few, the Proud, the Marines.

Monday, November 09, 2009

November 9th 2009: Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

Twenty years ago today, the impossible became a reality when a stunned world watched as Germans from the east and west sides of the "Iron Curtain" tore down one of the most hideous symbols of Communist oppression, the Berlin wall. Barack Hussein Obama passed on an historic invitation by German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, to celebrate twenty years to the day, the felling of that most odious edifice and evidence of Communism's cost and evil intent.

If the weakness, indecision and fecklessness that so characterize this president's foreign and military policy is any guide, the oppressed people of the world can expect nothing from Obama but vague platitudes and self-congratulatory pronouncements from the "One" in their struggle for freedom.

Here then is a tribute to those who did oppose and overcome evil.

Such an event was inconceivable during the Cold War years. Here former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill coins the phrase, "Iron Curtain" in a speech delivered at Westminster College, Fulton.

Let us pray for brave leaders such as this to occupy the highest offices in our realm and let us be a people and a generation who merit such heralds.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Netanyahu Slams U.N. 'Have You No Shame' For Giving Ahmadinejad A Forum

At least some men showed up for the United Nations General assembly this week. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pounds the world body for allowing Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad to address the United Nations on Wednesday.

Netanyahu told the world body, The man who called the Holocaust a lie spoke at this podium. To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries. But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere -- have you no shame? Have you no decency? A mere six decades after the Holocaust, you give legitimacy to a man who denies the murder of six million Jews, while promissing to wipe out the state of Israel, the state of the Jews? What a disgrace! What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations. Now perhaps,...perhaps some of you think, that this man and his odious regime, perhaps they threaten only the Jews. Well if you think that, you are wrong; dead wrong.

Here was the scene at the U.N. as the Iranian leader was left to address a packed chamber of empty seats as he delivered his canned anti-Israel tirade. Almost every seat was empty but not every seat was empty. For a hate-monger like Ahmadinejad every single seat should have been vacant.

Led by France, (Did you actually think the U.S. would lead the walkout on the Iranian dictator under this administration?) diplomats from eleven countries walked out on the scourge of Persia as he launched into his shop-worn anti-Jewish shtick.

Argentina, Australia, Britain, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand,….and the United States left Ahmadinejad talking to the shine on their seats as other countries sat and listened attentively to the leftist rants of the tiny tryant. Nice Deb thinks the U.S. delegation was prompted by a urgent sense of me too-ism rather than by actual conviction. I tend to agree. Obama is no friend of Israel. He'll do just about anything to get a meeting with Ahmadinejad so he can apologize in person for the U.S. to the little b_11sh*t3r from Bactria.

About Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Hot-Air says, Every year this degenerate does his same Jew-baiting shtick — “It is no longer acceptable that a small minority would dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks” — and every year our moronic media lines up to interview him.

Shame on those countries who stayed at the forum and listened.

Disgusting. Elementary School Kids Taught To Sing Praises To Obama

Let us never forget memorable scenes like these from the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) rallies in Germany of the 1930's.

Here is Der Furher addressing his youthful minions. Encouraging them to love peace, eliminate class divisions and to learn obedience.

George Santayana said, Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Update: Fox News provides information on the source of the video:

'Alteredbeat,' the YouTube user who posted the video on the Internet, told that the video was first put online by Charisse Carney-Nunes, an activist and author of the children's book 'I Am Barack Obama,' which her Web site says 'allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama.' Carney-Nunes has been promoting the book during visits to schools on the east coast.

Michelle Malkin has more information on the school program here, and emailed the Principal of Bernice Young Elementary School on questions she has about the pagent and Carney-Nunes' participation in the event.

Did Ms. Carney-Nunes have permission to videotape the performance?

Were parents notified that their children would be participating in this activity prior to the lesson?

Was Ms. Carney-Nunes invited to the school to teach the children the song and about her book, “I am Barack Obama?”

Was the principal aware of this event and taping?

Michelle provides a link to the curt, lame, Letter to Parents released by the Superintendent of Schools for the Burlington Township School District here.

Like the man says; this story is not going away.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Leno Spoofs ACORN in 'Thank You ACORN' commercial skit

You know it's curtains when Leno starts hammering you. Jay Leno takes on the ACORN 'prostitution' scandal.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Bombs In Jeopardy Appearance

Mainstream Media Talking Heads aren't smarter than the rest of us they only think they are.
Case in point. Wolf Blitzer's painful performance on Jeopardy. The only way you get negative scores on the gameshow is to hit the answer button before you really know the right answer. Blitzer's negative score is the second worst in the show's history.

Nancy Pelosi Fights Tears Warning Against Heated Rhetoric

This kind of reminds me of the old PTL club. I almost want to send in a check for $10.00 just to make her stop crying. (NOT) At least her mascara didn't start to run.

In the video Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, I have concerns about some of the language that is being used...This kind of rhetoric is just, is really frightening and it created a climate in which we, violence took place and ... I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made. Understanding the some of the people,...some of the ears that it is falling on,...are not, balanced, the person making the statement,...might assume.

Poles: Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back!

Here is Drudge's screenshot of the Polish tabloid Fakt's front page as the paper minced no words in describing the paper's reaction to President Obama's decision to scrap the missile defense sheild says the AP. Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back! screamed the headline. Given the recent Russian adventure into Georgia and a cut-off of natural gas to the Ukraine last winter the East Europeans have reason to be wary of a resurgent, newly aggressive Russia left unchecked by a weak U.S. committment to security in the region.

The Czechs were equally nervous about abandonment by an Obama administration in the face of a resurgent Russia. The AP quotes Czech newspaper Hospodarske Novine, an ally we rely on has betrayed us, and exchanged us for its own, better relations with Russia, of which we are rightly afraid.

Ask Eastern Europeans how that change is working out for them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Scraps Eastern Europe Missile Defense On 70th Anniversary of Soviet Invasion Of Poland

Of all available days on the calendar, today is the day the Obama Administration announced its decision to scrap plans to build the Bush era missle defense shield over Europe that was to be installed in Poland and the Czech Republic. On this date in history without a formal declaration of war on 17 September 1939 the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany invaded Poland, less than one month after the Bolsheviks signed the Molitov-Reibbentrop Pact with Nazi Germany. Temporarily freed from mutual suspicion the Nazis and Communists took the mutually advantageous oportunity to invade Poland simultaeneously. Poland fell to the advancing hordes within weeks.

My hunch is the timing of the announcement was no accident. If Obama wanted to send a message to Poland and the Czech Republic, the message was read loud and clear. The Times OnLine UK comments:

President Obama dismayed America's allies in Europe and angered his political opponents at home today when he formally ditched plans to set up a missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

"This is not good news for the Czech state, for Czech freedom and independence," said Mirek Topolanek, the former Czech Prime Minister. "It puts us in a position where we are not firmly anchored in terms of partnership, security and alliance, and that’s a certain threat."

This was the scene in Poland 70 years ago to the day.

Obama's pronouncement today scuttled the anti-missile system that was to be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic over the objections of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and China's President Hu Jintao. Obama's decision to 'shelve' the system gives a diplomatic victory to the Russians and Chinese in exchange for a promise by those two countries to 'get tough' with their client state Iran.

In rationalizing his reversal of the Bush policy, President Obama maintained, this new approach will provide capabilities sooner, build on proven systems and offer greater defenses against the threat of missile attack. Missle interceptors reportedly initially be placed instead on ships while land-based systems would be deployed at some future date. The plan was sufficiently vague to prompt high praise from the Kremlin. We value the U.S. president's responsible approach toward implementing our agreements, said Russia's Dmitry Medvedev in a televised address.

Here is the President's speech today.

Deployment of the anti-missile system was designed to thwart any long range nuclear attacks by Iran on Europe. Reflecting Administration confidence in the plan Vice-President Joe Biden told CNN reporter Chris Lawrence, I think we are fully capable and secure dealing with any present or future potential Iranian threat. To keep this in quote in context, remember this is the man of whom former President Bush said, If bullshit were currency Joe Biden would be a Billionaire!

Critics of the missile shield claimed that Iran poses no threat to Europe at the present time and that deployment of the system is a waste of money but recent reports show that Iran is close to mounting a nuclear warhead onto a ballistic missile. In a classified document revealed to the Associated Press the IAEA report said Iran has sufficient information to build a bomb and will likely overcome problems in developing a delivery system.

Obama's shift in policy toward Eastern Europe has been eyed nerviously by pro-American governments in the former Soviet Bloc.

The KyivPost observes:

Ex-communist states have already noticed that the unwavering support provided to them by the Bush administration and its tough rhetoric against Russia has been replaced in Washington by a more pragmatic, conciliatory stance.

Not to worry however, I'm sure there is nothing in this development that a well placed speech by President Obama can't handle.

Interesting times indeed.

Jimmy Carter: Obama Critics Are Racist

They say there's no fool like an old fool. And Jimmy is a prime example of that time tested adage. The former President and ardent defamer of Israel reiterated his claim that critics of President Barack Obama are motivated by racism.

Speaking to student at Emory University Carter said, When a radical fringe element of demonstrators and others begin to attack the president of the United States as an animal or as a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler or when they wave signs in the air that said we should have buried Obama with Kennedy, those kinds of things are beyond the bounds. I think people who are guilty of that kind of personal attack against Obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be African American.

That's it! It must be skin color! It can't possibly be because people Carter frames as fringe elements are angry about issues. No, it's because they're racist! Those are funny words coming from Carter who freely criticized former President Bush when he was just six months into his presidency. I have been disappointed in almost everything he has done said Carter who later said George W. Bush's Presidency, has been the worst in history. Carter never once came to the defense of President Bush while he endured the most vile and contemptible insults from the lowest and most despicible elements of society. I guess character attacks on Bush were ok in Carter's book.

What a disappointment Jimmy C. was after his election in 1976. The country was still hung over from the Watergate and plumbers scandals of the Nixon era. We just elected a President who billed himself to be an evangelical Christian and promissed a new era of hope in Washington politics. He was the Obama of his time. In return for our trust Carter gave us the benefit of his foolish, weak and naive policies. Those policies paid off in big dividends of inflation, unemployment, gasoline rationing and Soviet aggression in Africa, the Carribean and Afghanistan. Carter was doing a whole lot better when he was swinging a hammer and bending nails for Habitat for Humanity. He was a far better carpenter than he was a head of state.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5th Shocking ACORN 'Prostitute' Video Airs

This is really sick. First Baltimore, then DC, then Brooklyn New York, then San Bernadino and now San Diego. Undercover reporters James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles record ACORN employees completely unfazed by the stated nature of their business and actively offering advice on how they can continue their fictional criminal enterprise and avoid detection by the law.

Commenting on Hannity's show, Andrew Breitbart says there was not one instance were the couple posing as a pimp and his prostitute were turned away at ACORN offices. The guy in the video, reportedly an ACORN employee, says he has contacts who can help the undercover reporters smuggle girls over the border for the purpose of prostitution.

Referring to the Mainstream Media's silence on this story, Andrew Breitbart says, it can't find the angle that will extricate its friends out of the mess...They don't want to give a victory to the conservative side here. He observes, There will be a zillion other James and Hannahs out there.

Friday, September 11, 2009

US Census Bureau Cuts ACORN Ties

The U.S. Census Bureau announced that it has terminated its relationship with ACORN, after two explosive videos were released showing ACORN employees in Baltimore and Washington D.C. glibly providing loan and tax fraud advice to undercover reporters posing as proprietors of a prostitution ring. The videos were released on Andrew Brietbart's new website, The group previously had worked out an aggreement to help gather household data for the 2010 census.

The latest video showing ACORN DC employees providing advice to the undercover reporter posing as a pimp with his prostitute girlfriend on how to obtain a loan for a house they plan to use as a bordello for underage girls, file tax returns and avoid detection by police appears here.

Census Bureau Director Robert Groves notified the group of their termination in a letter to ACORN President Maude Hurd. The Director wrote in part:

Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has ineed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts. While not decisive factors in this decision, recent events concerning several local offices of ACORN have added to the worsening negative perceptions of ACORN and its affiliation with our partnership efforts.....We no longer have confidence that our national partnership agreement is being effectively managed through your offices.

And don't let the door hit you in the A** on the way out!

In Rememberance - 9/11 Memorial

We will never forget.

Here is a link to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama Heckled During Healthcare Address to Congress

The highly fractious and damaged nature of Washington Politics under Democrat majority rule was in full swing tonight, as the President addressed the nation on his proposed healthcare plan. During the President's address before a joint session of Congress, GOP members laughed as President Obama acknowledged that many details of his proposed legistation must be worked out before a bill can be signed. At another time during his speech, Obama took a swipe at Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News and Sarah Palin when he said, bogus claims by those who want to kill reform at any cost such as radio and cable talk show hosts and and prominent politicians, that we plan to set up panels of bureaucrats with the power to kill off senior citizens. Such a charge would be laughable if it were'nt so cynical and irresponsible, it is a lie, plain and simple. At this Democrats applauded and cheered wildly as they rose from their seats. Republican members sat, stonefaced and unmoved by his assertion.

President Obama reached further and proclaimed that illegal aliens would not be eligible for healhcare under his plan. Hearing enough, South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out You Lie! which brought silence to the chamber. The interruption caught the President by surprise and clearly unsettled him. After a brief delay and some hushed chatter between Vice-President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi President Obama continued his address.

I thought Obama promised usher in an era of post-partisanship, sunshine and civility in Washington politics if elected to the nation's highest position.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Gibbs: Presidents opponents would rather start an 'Animal House' food fight

White House Press Secretary Robert (Gibbsy) Gibbs told reporters today, It's a sad state of affairs that many in this country politically would rather start an 'Animal House' food fight rather than inspire kids to stay in school, to work hard, to engage parents to stay involved and to ensure that the millions of teachers that are making great sacrifices continue to be the best in the world...

Uh huh. Now for some important content and just as good in Italian. Here is the build-up to the food fight from "Animal House".

Good times. Good times.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Retired Marine: If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a Swastika maybe the first place she should look is the sleeve of her own arm.

Semper Fi. Keeping it real! This leatherneck takes down Democrat Representative Brian Baird at Town Hall at the Clark County Ampitheater in Ridgefield, WA.

Tasty bits from David William Hedrick Retired US Marine to Congressman Baird; I will remind you. A little history lesson. The Nazis were the National Socialist Party. They were leftists. They took over the finances. They took over the car industry. They took over health care in their country. If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a Swastika maybe the first place she should look is the sleeve of her own arm.

Other choice bits, you I swore an Oath to defend my Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. .....As a Marine, as a disabled Veteran who has served my country, I have kept my oath; do you ever intend to keep yours?

Hoo Ahhh!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ObamaCare: Health Rationing and You

Poignant video making the rounds, inspired by the Cabal of Obama, Reid and Pelosi's Soviet-style "health care reform" putsch.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day - Freedom Isn't Free

A tribute to all who have served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We will never forget.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gingrich Responds To Pelosi Claim That CIA Lied To Her

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called Nancy Pelosi's claim that the CIA lied to her and mislead the Congress of the United States the most despicable, dishonest and vicious political effort I've seen in my lifetime. She is a trivial politician, viciously using partisanship for the narrowist of purposes, and she dishonors the Congress by her behavior.

Gingrich added, Speaker Pelosi's the big loser, because she either comes across as incompetent, or dishonest. Those are the only two defenses The fact is she either didn't do her job, or she did do her job and she's now afraid to tell the truth. This is really, really dangerous, and it is going to get a lot of people killed, if we don’t call a halt to it.

Here are Newt's comments on SanFran Nan's latest convoluted version of the truth.

Nancy Pelosi's face looked particularly frozen yesterday as she accused the CIA of lying to her and misleading the U.S. Congress and of course added that Bush was misleading the Congress. Blink, Blink, Blink, go Nancy's eyes as she tries to dance around her knowledge and involvement in signing off on the enhanced interrogation techniques approved by members of the House Intelligence committee of which she was the ranking Democrat. Here is Nancy version 5.0 for your viewing pleasure. The segment of Nancy's taking heat from the D.C. Press Corps begins with ABC News Jonathan Karl asking You're accusing the CIA of lying to you?

Dana Milbank dishes about the 'Presser' that rapidly devolved into a fiasco for Madame Speaker.

NBC's Mike Viqueira was the first questioner. He asked if she had been "complicit" in the use of techniques such as waterboarding because her aide had been told that such techniques were in use.

"My statement is clear, and let me read it again. Let me read it again," she said. She looked for her statement. "I'm sorry, I have to find the page," she said. She read a few lines, then paused. "I'm sorry, I had the pages out of order." By now she had begun to employ her hands in the conversation, raising an index finger, circling her hands and finally moving both hands as if conducting an orchestra.

ABC's Jonathan Karl wanted to make sure he'd heard right. "You're accusing the CIA of lying to you?"

"Yes, misleading the Congress of the United States," Pelosi repeated. As she answered, she held a fist up, waved her index finger, formed her hand into an O, pushed her hair back, then resumed leading the orchestra. She appeared to have developed a case of dry mouth and was swallowing hard.

Now questions were being shouted from all around the room; Pelosi chose one from the back. Did she wish she had done more to object? "No, no, no, no, no, no," Pelosi said. "As I say in my statement," she repeated, looking down at her papers again.

You get the idea.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catholic TV: Vatican On The Verge Of Disinviting Obama From Notre Dame

Change is coming to South Bend, and I don't mean Barack Obama. Word is that the Vatican is on the verge of correcting the outrageous error that currently reigns over Notre Dame and disinvite the One who is the most pro-abortion president ever from giving the commencement address to the class of 2009 and receiving an honorary degree from the University.

Major H.T. to Gateway Pundit.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss California, Carrie Prejean: I Was Punished For Excercising My Free Speech

Good on you Carrie Prejean! Brains, Beauty and Bravery beat out the PC infused simplemindedness of sheeple everytime!

Miss California gets to keep her crown despite the hailstorm of invective hurled at her from the 21st Century Leftist Nazis!

The Donald was not fooled by the rhetoric or cowed by the agitation of PC simpletons like Perez Hilton. Hey Perez, if you don't play in the game, you can't judge the competition!

The Donald said, She gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from her heart.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Glenn Beck Hits ACORN Spokesman On Massive Voter Fraud---Then Tosses Him Out Of Studio For Claiming Beck's Afraid Of Black People

Glenn Beck hits the ACORN guy with cold hard facts about ACORN managers and employees being involved in voter fraud cases in 14 states! The ACORN guy won't address the issue, and tries the well-worn 60's radical's tactic of talking at the same time as Beck to avoid having to answer a series of straight-forward questions. At one point Beck asks the guy if he can think of one Republican that the group has ever endorsed. The guy couldn't name one! Not one! Finally the guy tries to pull out the old race card and Beck throws him out of the studio. Good family viewing.

President Obama has a long association with ACORN and provided the group with easier access to Federal money under the CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) program wrapped up like a pig in a blanket in the $825 Billion boondogle known as the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009". Under set-asides like CDBG money is available to "community action" groups like ACORN. Another Obama Administration gift to groups like ACORN are Federal funding allocations like the Neighborhood Stabilization Program which enables the group to compete for Federal money alonside state and local governments. Under programs like this, nefarious groups like ACORN can feed from the public trough thanks to the generosity of their Democrat benefactors.

The American Spectator quotes then-candidate Obama telling a group of community organizers in December 2007, Before I even get inaugurated, during the transition, we're going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda. We're going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations so that you have input into the agenda for the next presidency of the United States of America.
And so he has.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"You Got A Dijon Mustard Or Something Like That?" Says Obama At Ray's Hell Burger Diner

You want cottage fries to go with that order Mr. President? Just a couple of working stiffs, that's our Prez and V.P. Joe Biden. The One dropped by an Arlington, Virginia burger joint with the Veep in tow to sample some of the local cuisine.

No word on whether the Vice President took the subway to get to the diner. Mr. Vice-President, to get there off the D.C. Metro, take the Orange Line to Courthouse. Here's a schedule.

Says ieatdc of this ground-breaking event; chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp:News! Ray's Hell-Burger--Still Delicious.

For those leary of taking public transit during Swine Flu Panic Week, the Veep has some sage advice.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Michael Savage On British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith: When has this witch listened to my program in England?

Britain's Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith lumps radio talk show host Michael Savage in with murderers, Neo-Nazis, Islamic terrorists and skinheads because she doesn't like his opinionated conservative commentary. Apparently, being a conservative in today's England under the Labour government is a thoughtcrime, straight out of the pages of newspeak as chronicled in chilling detail in George Orwell's 1984 .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle Overnight International Singing Sensation

An amazing video of 47 Year old Susan Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent has gone viral with over 15 million hits on YouTube. Never married, unemployed (but still looking) Miss Boyle's life has been instantly transformed by her appearance on the hit British TV show that was taped before a live audience last January.

Susan Boyle appeared on the CBS Early Show which gave the world a glimpse into the life of the onetime kareoke singer turned superstar.

Watch CBS Videos Online

And after her sensational performance on Britain's Got Talent, Susan Boyle now has a Fan Site up on the web. Audio from the only previously known CD featuring the singing talent of Susan Boyle was uncovered by the Daily Record and posted on her Fan Site. The recording was done in 1999 according to the Daily Record and produced as a fund raiser for a local charity. Only 1000 copies of the CD were published according to the Record. Here you can listen to Susan crooning the ballad, Cry Me A River. -- Another flawless performance.

When you first see Miss Boyle in the YouTube video she seems very ordinary and unremarkable but within this woman are the makings of a star. She has such raw talent, that she amazes sardonic hosts Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden who initially greet her appearance with a combination of scoffing and patronage, a reaction shared by the in-studio audience. Those initial reactions are soon put to flight as Susan gives a flawless rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables. In one breath Susan Boyle from West Lothian in Scotland transformed a theatre filled with world-weary cynics into a standing, cheering, clapping gathering of true believers.

The amazing video of Miss Boyle's appearance on Britain's got Talent is available here.

The world dismissed her entirely, but God had other plans for Susan Boyle from West Lothian, Scotland. As written over three thousand years ago, the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7b)

Obama Requests Georgetown University Cover Up Name Of Jesus, Administrators Happily Comply

More hope and change for the masses: In preparation for the President's speech on the economy, the White House requested Georgetown University cover up the monogram IHS, (the name of Jesus Christ) inscribed on a pediment behind the stage of Gaston Hall where Mr. Obama would speak. University Administrators quickly complied with the Presidential request and hurriedly set about work to cover up the troublesome name of Christ at their University.

IHS before BHO.
Run by the Jesuit order, Georgetown University is considered one of the most prestigious Catholic centers of higher education in the nation. CNS News quotes Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communications at Georgetown, The White House wanted a simple backdrop of flags and pipe and drape for the speech, consistent with what they’ve done for other policy speeches. During his speech Mr. Obama made no mention Jesus Christ, but he did quote one of His parables. The parable of the man who built his house on sand and another who built his house upon a rock. How appropriate.

IHS after BHO.

Of course Georgetown couldn't possibly turn down the request. I mean it IS such a prestigious University. They just couldn't say no to Obama. He might become offended and not show up! How embarassing would that be? Can you imagine the banter and chattering that would go on at the next soiree of the Georgetown cocktail party set? Why if they blew their big chance to have Obama speak at Georgetown over the name of the Savior inscribed in gold behind the stage, how could they ever in a million years live that faux pas down?

How telling it is on the state of the church today that such a request would ever be considered.

There are Catholics who still consider the Name of Jesus Christ to be the Name above all names.
Unfortunately, they are not the ones running Georgetown University today.

The Catholic encyclopedia writes, At the Holy Name of Jesus we uncover our heads, and we bend our knees; it is at the head of all our undertakings, as the Emperor Justinian says in his law-book: In the Name of Our Lord Jesus we begin all our consultations.

As the Catholic encyclopedia notes the Name of Jesus invoked with confidence:

brings help in bodily needs, according to the promise of Christ: "In my name They shall take up serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them: they shall lay their hands upon the sick, and they shall recover". (Mark 16:17-18) In the Name of Jesus the Apostles gave strength to the lame (Acts 3:6; 9:34) and life to the dead (Acts 9:40).

It gives consolation in spiritual trials. The Name of Jesus reminds the sinner of the prodigal son's father and of the Good Samaritan; it recalls to the just the suffering and death of the innocent Lamb of God.

It protects us against Satan and his wiles, for the Devil fears the Name of Jesus, who has conquered him on the Cross.

In the Name of Jesus we obtain every blessing and grace for time and eternity, for Christ has said: "If you ask the Father anything in my name he will give it you." (John 16:23) Therefore the Church concludes all her prayers by the words: "Through Our Lord Jesus Christ".

So the word of St. Paul is fulfilled: That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth. (Philippians 2:10).
(Photos from Wikimedia and CNSNews)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties Around The Country

Here's a sampling of video from protests across the country.

Gateway Pundit addresses crowd of 10,000 in St. Louis, MO with his "We Got Problems" speech.

Washington, D.C.

Tea Party in Concord, NH.

CNN reporter Susan Roesgen encounters some turbulence in her fly-by of the Tea Party held in Chicago. Says Roesgen of the Tea Party Goers, I think you get the general tenor of this. It's anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.

Sacramento, California. Fox News response to Susan Roesgen with Neil Cavuto.

Meanwhile Obama says he is unaware of Tea Parties.

Tea Party In Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Just returned from a Tea Party held in Downtown Tulsa. Local media covered the event attended by hundreds of people who filled out the Tulsa Courthouse Plaza to protest the wasteful, out-of-control spending spree going on in Washington. Local talk show host Pat Campbell from radio station KFAQ was one of the featured speakers as well as nationally syndicated commentator John Gibson. The crowd was friendly, cheerful and positive. One thing they all had in common was disgust for the hard left turn the Obama administration is taking in leading the country.

Here are more pictures from the event.

Volunteers from were on hand as was organizer Jai Blevens who was also a featured speaker.

Tea Parties Today Across The Nation

Nationwide Tea Parties are scheduled today for cities across the fruited plain.

You can go to TaxDayTeaParty to get a list of events planned from sea to shining sea. Here is the 2009 Google Tea Party Map.

View 2009 Tea Parties in a larger map

Beware of KosBots posing as journalists today. Leftist trolls drawing insipration from the rantings of DailyKos and other swamp fever sites plan to attend today's events as Tea Party crashers. Michelle Malkin and Tax Day Tea Party notes this comment posted on DK:

Tomorrow, my husband and I will be venturing into the wilds disguised as a news crew to do some in person interviewers with teabaggers here in Rhode Island (if we can find any) … We’re going to ask open ended questions that seem to have a slight conservative bent to (hopefully) get them to open up and just start ranting. Then, we take any examples of racism, hatred, ignorance, and stupidity that we catch on camera and make a little movie out of it. Probably a YouTube special. Here’s the list we have so far (Oh, how clever of you. Uh, huh, huh.)

* What are you celebrating (The Boston Tea Party), and can you explain its historical relevance? [We're hoping to get some hilarious flubs from this one]
* Do you approve of Michael Steele’s plan to expand the GOP through a “hip-hop urban-suburban marketing strategy”? [hoping to get some juicy racist stuff from this question]
* (as an intentional misunderstanding/follow up, presuming that someone complains about wasteful government spending) “So you disapprove of your tax dollars going to the Iraq War?” [should elicit some confusion] Anyways, it’s a start… but I’d love to have some suggestions for questions that sound fine, but should prompt an outpouring of crazy.

As my High School speech teacher would say, Never attribute to others the criterion you establish for yourself. To spell it out plainly for 'progressives', crazies and other LeftTards, just because you're an ignorant narrow minded racist, don't assume that others have the same twisted, polluted viewpoints on life as you.

Remember when you run into this sort of kool-aid fueled ignorance displayed by the disciples of Saul Alinsky, be nice, be pleasant, be all of those things that bring out the best in people. Maintaining your cool and managing to be pleasant while someone is acting like a petulant two-year-old will over time get them to re-think the sheer stupidity of their position.

GodSpeed and God Bless you today as you go out and make your voice heard.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Somali Pirates Hijack American Freighter - US Navy Sent In

The Maersk freighter Alabama was boarded and taken over briefly today by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, as it sailed 215 miles off the coast of Somalia according to CNN and other major news agencies. After the mauraders took over the ship, a brief scuffle ensued and the crew was able to regain control of the cargo vessel. At last report, the ship's Captain, Richard Phillips had been taken hostage and was sitting in a life boat aboard the ship. The crew had taken one of the pirates hostage and attempted a hostage exchange for Phillips but the plan soured after the pirates failed to follow through with their end of the bargain.

CNN's Kyra Phillips talks to Ken Quinn, second mate on the Alabama about the ordeal.

Tim Crockett Executive Director of AKE Security talks about the methods modern pirates use to take over a large ship.

Latest update is that the pirates have left the vessel in the lifeboat they commandered during the ordeal. The Destroyer U.S.S. Bainbridge is reportedly on the scene. Commissioned on November 13, 2004 the Bainbridge is an Arleigh Burke Flight IIA-class guided missile destroyer PCU Bainbridge (DDG 96). The Maersk Alabama was carrying a cargo of relief supplies for USAID, WorldVision and Catholic Relief Charities and bound for the Kenyan port of Mombasa when it was intercepted by Somali pirates. The Maersk Alabama's crew has been involved in charitible work before as evidenced by this holiday event held for orphans in Tanzania last Christmas.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Central Italy Hit By Devastating Earthquake

The quaint medieval town of L'Aquila in Central Italy 60 miles northeast of Rome, was leveled in an early morning earthquake that registered 6.3 on the Richter scale. At last count, more than 92 people were killed, 1500 injured and over 50,000 were left homeless, as a result of the devastating tremblor that stuck the area just past 3:30AM local time.

SkyNews reports: Rescuers have been digging bodies out from the collapsed ruins of dozens of houses and emergency services said the death toll was "bound to rise". Gianfranco Fini, speaker of Italy's lower house of parliament, said entire towns have been "virtually destroyed" with 15,000 buildings off limits.

Video from France 24.

Five people were also killed in the village of Castelnuovo but civil protection officials said they feared the figure would rise. Guido Bertolaso, head of the Italian Civil Defence, said: "Many, many buildings have collapsed and there are people trapped inside.
"Emergency services are travelling to the scene and we are working on rescuing people who are trapped.

The London Telegraph reports that Italian scientist, Giampaolo Giuliani, had earlier warned residents of imminent danger from the quake and called on residents to evacuate their homes. According to the Telegraph Mr. Giuliani issued the warnings, after a build-up of radon gas around the seismically active area suggested a major earthquake was imminent. Several tremors had been felt in the medieval city of L'Aquila, around 60 miles east of Rome, from mid-January onwards, and vans with loudspeakers had driven around the city spreading the warning. But instead of heeding Mr Giuliani's warnings, the local authorities reported him to police for "spreading alarm" and he was told to remove his findings from the internet.

Our prayers go out to the people struck by this horrible tragedy at this time.
(Images from SkyNews and The Telegraph)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

UK Columnist On Obama Euro Tour: Isn't it time for him to go home yet?

American contributions to the world of literature and journalism include tongue-in-cheek, snarky commentary on the foibles and short-comings of public figures. The British on the other hand as erudite masters of the English language's capacity for precision, have developed the well-honed art of droll, and jocose commentary down to a science. Witness this latest example published in the London Telegraph by Ian Martin who notices, Barack Obama really does go on a bit.

Isn't it time for him to go home yet? It is good, in theory, that the new President of the United States is taking so much time to tour Europe. He arrived in London last Tuesday, has been to Strasbourg, Prague yesterday and now he's off to Turkey. It shows, I suppose, that he cares about the outside world and that is 'A Good Thing'. But his long stay means that we are hearing rather a lot from him, way too much in fact.

His speeches have long under-delivered, usually leaving a faintly empty sensation in this listener even though I welcomed, moderately, his victory last year as offering the possibility of a fresh start and a boost to confidence.

Yet, we are told that he is a great orator and in one way he certainly is. He does have a preternatural calm in the spotlight and a mastery of the cadences we associate with the notable speakers in US history - such as JFK and MLK. But beyond that, am I alone in finding him increasingly to be something of a bore?

Today, we were treated to another set-piece Obama speech, and my didn't he go on a bit? The crowd in Prague was huge, and initially wildly enthusiastic, but what he served up was not any more impressive than his damp squib in Berlin last year. Is there a computer which churns this stuff out for him? (Yes, that would be his teleprompter)

'For over a thousand years, Prague has set itself apart from any other city in any other place. You have known war and peace. You have seen empires rise and fall........'

Empires rising and falling, destinies being defined and a Golden City standing as a monument to unconquerable spirit... goodness, what a ham. When he really gets going he's worse than Tony Blair.

But Obama was only warming up. "When I was born," (Everything usually leads back to him, you'll notice)... "the world was divided, and our nations were faced with very different circumstances. Few people would have predicted that someone like me would one day become an American President." (Him again)...

....few would have imagined that the Czech Republic would become a free nation, a member of NATO, and a leader of a united Europe. Those ideas would have been dismissed as dreams". (Not by Ronald Reagan they wouldn't have been, when most of Obama's Democrat friends thought the then US President's robust approach to the Cold War made him a loony on the loose).

....freedom is a right for all people, no matter what side of a wall they live on, and no matter what they look like... (subtly this time, but right at the end the sentence leads back to him again).

The Obamas have handled their trip well and in their public appearances have been a credit to their country. But I'll wager that within a year or so he'll be marked down as a wind-bag.

The Great Divider: Pew Research Poll Shows Widest Job Approval Gap Ever For Obama

Claiming that he was a uniter not a divider President Obama's current job approval rates show the widest disparity of any American President in modern history. The Democrat President's job approval ratings among fellow party members are at 88% according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. While a majority of Democrats approve of Obama's job performance to date, only 27% of Republicans approve of the President's work as the nation's chief executive.

The Pew Research Center observed:

By comparison, there was a somewhat smaller 51-point partisan gap in views of George W. Bush's job performance in April 2001, a few months into his first term. At that time, Republican enthusiasm for Bush was comparable to how Democrats feel about Obama today, but there was substantially less criticism from members of the opposition party. Among Democrats, 36% approved of Bush's job performance in April 2001; that compares with a 27% job approval rating for Obama among Republicans today.

The partisan gap in Bill Clinton's early days was also substantially smaller than what Obama faces, largely because Democrats were less enthusiastic about Clinton. In early April 1993, 71% of Democrats approved of Clinton's job performance, which is 17 points lower than Obama's current job approval among Democrats. Republican ratings of Clinton at that point (26%) are comparable to their current ratings of Obama today (27%).

Lower approval ratings from members of the opposing party than either Bush or Clinton. That's gotta hurt.

North Korea Launches Missle Defying World Pressure

North Korea told world governments where to file their diplomatic protests, with a launch of a Taepodong-2 long range ballistic missile from their Musudan-ri launch facility located in the northeast part of the Communist country. The North Korean government calls the vehicle the Unha-2, but I call it the latest slap in the face by Kim Jong Ill to jittery neighbor states and concerned major powers, wringing their hands over what to do with their unstable neighbor. The launch of the "space vehicle carrying a communications satellite" is widely seen as a ruse to test the range capability of the Taepodong-2 to hit targets in the US.

The BBC reports An unidentified South Korean official told Yonhap news agency that the rocket did appear to be carrying a satellite. It is not clear whether a satellite was successfully put into space.

Not to worry, the UN jumped into action by approving a Japanese government request for an emergency session later in the day in New York. That should scare them. They'll probably Kim's daily shippment of caviar, champagne and cigars for one whole day after this latest stunt.

What can you do with a reclusive, xenophobic, backward little country armed to the teeth and run exclusively by a crazed lunatic whose every whim is law? Kim might be crazy but he's not stupid. He knows 'sanctions' don't apply to him. He knows he has the Chinese and Russians to on speed-dial to block the slighest talk of any talk sanctions imposed upon him.

While in Prague, President Obama issued a written statement regarding the missle launch, With this provocative act, North Korea has ignored its international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations.

Don't expect that anything will change with North Korea. It's just business as usual in this little dance with North Korea. International aggression is never stopped with rhetoric, and finger wagging is all the International community has in available in their arsenal right now. Tsk, Tsk.
(GeoEye Satellite Image from Fox News)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Obama Bows Before King Abdullah At G20 Summit

Not the most gracious moment in tha anals of state protocol for a US President. President Obama gives Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom a curt but proper nod of the head as fitting for one head of state to greet a member of royalty. As members of the G20 summit assemble for a group photo, Barack Obama gives the Saudi monarch the kind of bow that would be appropriate for a serf greeting the Saudi King. Could it have been the jet lag kicking in?

Here's the compare and contrast video:

Here is the original video. The audio is in Spanish. Advance the video to 52 seconds where you will see the camera widen its shot. At 54 seconds you can watch 44th President of the United States bow low before a foreign monarch. The American Revolution in 1776 was about freeing citizens from such displays of subservience before royalty. (Remember 'All men are created equal' President Obama?) Did 52% of the electorate in this country who voted for candidate HopeAndChangeWeCanBelieveIn ever think he would bow like a footman before a Saudi Potentate? Is it amateurism or fealty that we are witnessing?

The Anchoress mulls the deep bend-at-the-waist bow of Obama.

I tend to take people at their word, until their behavior informs me otherwise.

Such is the case, here. President Obama’s own behavior has me wondering.

I don’t like this video. Spin it any way you like, Obama’s knee is bending, and the head is going very low, almost low enough to kiss a ring, but then Obama’s smooth movements become awkward and stilted, reflecting interrupted momentum - like a batter checking his swing. This looks very much like a man catching himself in mid-bow and suddenly remembering that he should not.

I think it was a checked bow.

What does it mean? Nothing good, I don’t think

The Brisbane Times carries the tale of Obama and the King: a right royal bow row.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gordon Brown Declares Belief In 'Emerging New World Order'

Gordon Brown dropped the NWO bomb during his speech at the G20 summit today. Said the Prime Minister of the UK in a speech before world leaders attending the London conference, I think the new world order is emerging, and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation. This is the day the world came together to fight back against the global recession, not with words but with a plan for global recovery and reform.

Mr. Brown made his remarks as part of his announcement for a $1.1 Trillion economic rescue package to aid a sagging global economy and boost investor confidence.

The fact that Mr. Brown used this term in his speech before the gathered members of the summit should come as no surprise to anyone. Gordon Brown is very fond of the concept of a New World Order and has used the term on many public occassions such as, January 19th 2007, May 18th 2007, November 11, 2008, January 25th 2009, and so on, and so on, and so on. In fact Gordon Brown has become a veritible broken record and a bore on the subject.

If today there is a super-secret clique out there, with covert members, cryptic handshakes and decoder rings, trying to unify the world, they can count their cover long since blown because Gordon Brown just won't shut up about it. And when you really think about it, given the scope and breadth of communications that brings all of us closer than ever before, coupled with a secular world view that man's greatest hope is himself, where else do you think such a path will lead? For the secular-humanist, a unified world represents Valhalla itself. A veritible worker's/dreamer's paradise right here on planet earth. When earth and your five senses is all you believe in, and you think there is only sky above, where else could you possibly go with an earth-bound tenet?

That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which it may be said, “ See, this is new”? It has already been in ancient times before us. wrote Solomon (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10). A world view where man posits himself as the culmination of everything that is good and possible was predicted a very long time ago. Do not let your heart be troubled in these times, because despite what you read in the headlines today, God is in control. Recognize that these things that you see happening around the world must occur as predicted before the true Messiah returns.The world is in the birth pangs of anticipation as the old world system is replaced with the governance that will rest upon the shoulders of the Messiah as predicted in Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Unlike His first arrival in the world when He came as a helpless babe; at His next arrival, (And I believe it is soon) He will come as King and Lord to destroy those who seek to usurp Him and His authority. He shall judge the nations with righteousness and mercy and establish His government upon the earth. 2000 years ago, He lived a perfect life before God and man and bore the sins of the world, was crucified, died, and was buried. He went into the depths of Hell itself where He freed the captives and rose again on the Third Day. Forty days after his Resurrection, he appeared to his disciples and to witnesses chosen beforehand by God. On the fortieth day He gathered his followers together, telling them not to leave Jerusalem but wait for the Holy Spirit to be sent by God. He Ascended into Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God and when He returns the whole world shall see it. As He says in Matthew 24:27 For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

The world cannot be saved by politicians, stimulus packages, and climate change resolutions. This world only contains the problems, Jesus provides the answers to the world's problems. If Dear friend, you are not sure where you stand with God, you do not know Him or His genuine Peace that passes all understanding; call upon his name, pray this prayer, and invite His Son Jesus Christ to live and reign in your heart as King, and Savior, and Lord.

Heavenly Father I acknowledge that I am a Sinner. I have broken your laws and my deeds have separated me from knowing You. I am truly sorry for my sins and turn away from those sins. Help me each day to follow you. I believe that Jesus Chirst is your only Son. I believe that He died and shed His blood for me on the cross and rose again. I believe He is Alive today and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to be the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Cleanse me and forgive me, as I forgive those who have sinned against me. Lord God, send your Holy Spirit to live in me and guide me as I follow You each day. I thank you for the free gift of Salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

If you have prayed that prayer, you are a new member of God's family. Welcome! You are a new creation in Christ!

As a new believer, find a church where you can enjoy fellowship with other believers. Pray for God's direction as you look for your new church home. Pray and spend time in the word of God. If you don't have a Bible, get one at your local Christian bookstore. Allow yourself to have a quiet time each day with God as you spend some time with Him. Even five to fifteen minutes each day will deepen your walk and intimacy with Him. Tell someone you know and trust about your new found faith in Jesus. Once you have settled in a church home, get baptized as commanded and exemplified by Christ.

And most of all, God Bless you.

Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

For 'whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.' Romans 10:13