Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Job Layoffs Lead To Violence At Western Michigan Dealership

Very troubling situation for all involved. Frustrations boil over at this western Michigan Auto Dealership when employees are told their company is shutting its doors and they are out of work. The seasonally adjusted rate of unemployment in Michigan was at 12% in the month of February. Unemployment in the Wolverine State is up 4.6% over the rate in 2008.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama To GM CEO Rick Wagoner: You're Fired!

Like a scene out of The Apprentice, Obama takes down the Chief Executive Office of the nation's leading auto manufacturer. Hardly a peep is heard from the old media as seventy days into his Administration, Barack Obama continues to amaze politicos and the chattering classes with his latest in a series of brazen moves to consolidate industry and commerce under government control. In previous times, it was inconceivable that the President of the United States would fire the chief executive of a private enterprise and have it stick. The world watched today in stunned silence the summary dismissal of a once powerful industrial titan, carried out as though he were but an errant schooboy. Those who observed today's events unfold can only wonder; who's next?

As we Tivo into the Twighlight Zone, we watch President Obama announce in his auto bailout message that as of now, the full faith and credit of the United States Government will stand behind General Motors or Chrysler Corporation auto warranties! How far into the realms of Science Fiction this administration will go as it takes charge of industries and financial institutions is unknown. Will the nation's chief executive now act as the centerpiece for government and private enterprise?

Just as the First Ammendment, Second Ammendment, Fifth Ammendment are all under attack, so too is the Tenth Ammendment of the United States Constitution in this latest bold faced overreach sponsored by the Democrats. Mr. Obama, who taught Constitutional Law should know that the Tenth Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution plainly states, The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. The proper role and business of the United States government is not in running a private enterprise like General Motors or any other private enterprise for that matter. As Mark Levin points out, liberals and statists talk of a 'living, breathing, growing' Constitution and are fond of quoting foreign laws because the Constitution stands in the way of their ambitions for a centralized society. Statists see the Constitution as an archaic and flawed document, a throw-back to a simpler time. Nonetheless, the purpose and gaurantee of the Constitution as written by the founders was to protect citizens against abuse of government power and preserve the property and God-given rights of private citizens from the incursion by the state.

Note candidate Obama's comment in context to this NPR radio host:

Do the Republicans have anything to say in all of this? Why are they so quiet? Are they as stunned as are we?

The Ayn Rand Institue Comments On Obamanomics versus GM & Chrysler and The Proper Role of Government in this video.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

U.N. Seeks Supervision Of 'Reordered' World Economy In Copenhagen Accord

Former Czech President and current President of the E.U. Vaclav Klaus shocked reporters last May when he said, I understand that global warming is a religion conceived to suppress human freedom. It is used to justify an enormous scope for government intervention vis-a-vis the markets and personal freedom. These stunning and revelatory words carry the weight of someone whose people experienced firsthand the disgraceful betrayal of Czechkoslovakia in the Munich Accords of 1938. Under the regime of appeasement which was all the fashion of the time, Neville Chamberlain of England and Édouard Daladier of France surrendered 11,000 miles of Czech territory to Adolf Hitler without any participation of the Czech government. Left without the defensible and fortified territory that bordered a menacing Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, the remainder of Czechkoslovakia was annexed just a few weeks later without a rebuke from the perpetrators of the outrage in Munich.

Today, March 29th 2009, in Bonn, Germany, the first of three long drawn-out negotiating sessions on Climate Change will begin, culminating in the planned signing of the Copenhagen Accord in December of this year. Fox News broke the story of the Accord when it received a copy of a 16 page Information Note issued by the United Nations to attendees of today's conference.

Fox News reported that the conference on 'climate change' envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body.

The Copenhagen Accord is the ugly big brother to the infamous Kyoto Protocol that was rejected by the Bush Administration. In contrast, the Obama Administration is supportive of the treaty process, provided it can provide an effective framework for global warming.

From Fox News:

The paper makes no effort to calculate the magnitude of the costs and disruption involved, but despite the discreet presentation, makes clear that they will reverberate across the entire global economic system.

Among the tools that are considered are the cap-and-trade system for controlling carbon emissions that has been espoused by the Obama administration; 'carbon taxes' on imported fuels and energy-intensive goods and industries, including airline transportation; and lower subsidies for those same goods, as well as new or higher subsidies for goods that are considered "environmentally sound."

Other tools are referred to only vaguely, including 'energy policy reform,' which the report indicates could affect "large-scale transportation infrastructure such as roads, rail and airports." When it comes to the results of such reform, the note says only that it could have 'positive consequences for alternative transportation providers and producers of alternative fuels.'

A 'climate change levy on aviation' for example, is described as having undetermined 'negative impacts on exporters of goods that rely on air transport, such as cut flowers and premium perishable produce,' as well as 'tourism services.' But no mention is made in the note of the impact on the aerospace industry, an industry that had revenues in 2008 of $208 billion in the U.S. alone, or the losses the levy would impose on airlines for ordinary passenger transportation. (Global commercial airline revenues in 2008 were about $530 billion, and were already forecast to drop to an estimated $467 billion this year.)

In an influential but highly controversial paper called 'Key Elements of a Global Deal on Climate Change,' British economist Nicholas Lord Stern, formerly a high British Treasury official, has declared that industrial economies would need to cut their per capita carbon dioxide emissions by 'at least 80% by 2050,' while the biggest economies, like the U.S.'s, would have to make cuts of 90 percent.

Investor's Business Daily weighs in on the latest convocation for collective madness coming out of turtle bay.

The document speaks of a "climate change levy" on maritime shipping and aviation that is certain to devastate foreign trade and tourism. The American aviation industry had revenues of $208 billion in 2008. Unless we can come up with a hybrid 747 real quick, there's trouble ahead.
There is talk of signatories implementing cap-and-trade policies that the note admits "would involve negative consequences for the implementing country." Such policies "may induce some industrial relocation . . . to less-regulated host countries." Gee, ya think?

The Obama administration supports a domestic cap-and-trade policy and included it in its deficit-creating budget proposal. As we've noted, cap and trade, through its limit on total carbon emissions, is really a cap on economic growth. An analysis by the George C. Marshall Institute estimates GDP losses of as much as 3% in 2015 and as much as 10% in 2050 as a result of this measure

The effect of this accord if we participate is incalculable. According to the Department of Energy, roughly 72% of U.S. electrical power generation in 2007 was derived from burning fossil fuels. Some 6% came from hydropower and less than 3% came from solar, wind and "other" sources.

I can just see the kleptocrats at the U.N. positively licking their chops at the prospect of administering all those American and European generated carbon tarriffs from the evil industrialists. Just look at how efficient and beyond reproach the U.N. was in handling the Oil for Food program. Not to mention how pure as the driven snow are the motives of some of the many cavalcade of activists and politicos who line up regularly to make war on U.S. wealth, influence, and policies. Y'a know, come to think about it, guys who make a living selling carbon credits now will make money hand over fist under this kind of regime.

Back in October 3rd 2007, Human Events cited the Money and Connections behind Al Gore's Carbon Crusade:

To resolve the “climate crisis,” Gore wants to put a cap on the production of greenhouse gases. He calls for an immediate freeze on U.S. emissions, a ban on new coal-fired power plants, tough new fuel-economy and energy-efficiency standards, renewable energy mandates, carbon taxes and mandatory targets and timetables for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Those emissions consist mostly of carbon dioxide (CO2), the byproduct of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, which supply 85% of all U.S. energy. Gore’s blueprint to save the planet moves the United States towards a command economy in which government regulators hold sway over what kinds and amounts of energy will be made available to the private sector. His principal regulatory tool is what’s called carbon-credit trading.

Gee, that sounds familiar. How did those guys at turtle bay and some prominent U.S. politicians get onboard with the very same talking points?

The article continues:

Al Gore is chairman and founder of a private equity firm called Generation Investment Management (GIM). According to Gore, the London-based firm invests money from institutions and wealthy investors in companies that are going green. “Generation Investment Management, purchases -- but isn’t a provider of -- carbon dioxide offsets,” said spokesman Richard Campbell in a March 7 report by CNSNews.

GIM appears to have considerable influence over the major carbon-credit trading firms that currently exist: the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) in the U.S. and the Carbon Neutral Company (CNC) in Great Britain. CCX is the only firm in the U.S. that claims to trade carbon credits.

GIM’s “founding partners” are studded with officials from Goldman Sachs. They include David Blood, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM); Mark Ferguson, former co-head of GSAM pan-European research; and Peter Harris, who headed GSAM international operations. Another founding partner is Peter Knight, who is the designated president of GIM. He was Sen. Al Gore’s chief of staff from 1977-1989 and the campaign manager of the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign.

Like CCX, the ECX has about 80 member companies, including Barclays, BP, Calyon, Endesa, Fortis, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Shell, and ECX has contracted with the European Union to further develop a futures market in carbon trading. What’s in it for the companies? They will benefit either by investing in carbon credits or by receiving subsidies for doing so.

Clearly, GIM is poised to cash in on carbon trading. The membership of CCX is currently voluntary. But if the day ever comes when federal government regulations require greenhouse-gas emitters -- and that’s almost everyone -- to participate in cap-and-trade, then those who have created a market for the exchange of carbon credits are in a position to control the outcomes. And that moves Al Gore front and center. As a politician, Gore is all for transparency. But as GIM chairman, Gore has not been forthcoming, according to Forbes magazine. Little is known about his firm’s finances, where it gets funding and what projects it supports.

We do know that Goldman Sachs has commissioned the World Resources Institute (affiliated with CCX), Resources for the Future, and the Woods Hole Research Center to research policy options for U.S. regulation of greenhouse gases. In 2006, Goldman Sachs provided research grants in this area totaling $2.3 million. The firm also has committed $1 billion to carbon-assets projects, a fancy term for projects that generate energy from sources other than oil and gas. In October 2006, Morgan Stanley committed to invest $3 billion in carbon-assets projects. Citigroup entered the emissions-trading market in May, and Bank of America got in on the action in June.

Predictably, the media ignore glaring conflicts of interest when it involves cap and trade and carbon credit schemes that involve the Global Warming storyline.

A copy of the Copenhagen information note can be accessed here.

Hillsong Video: Faith - I Can Move A Mountain I Can Do All Things In Christ

That's right, I'm a Christian. And the way things are headed in this world, it's time to stand up and say it; greater is He who's living in me than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

1 John 4:4 in the message Bible says: Little children, you are of God [you belong to Him] and have [already] defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist], because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world.

Turn it up and say it Loud!

I'm reaching for the prize, I'm giving everything I give my life for this; it's what I live for..
Nothing can keep me from, all that You have for me You hold my head up high; I live for You
Greater is He that's living in me Than he that is in the world
Faith, I can move the mountain I can do all things through Christ, I know
Faith, standing and believing I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Spanish Version
Alcanzo para el premio, yo doy todo yo doy mi vida para esto; es lo que vivo para nada me puede mantener de todo que Usted tiene para mí Usted tiene la cabeza arriba alto; vivo para Usted
Más grande es El que vive en mí Que él que está en el mundo
Fe, yo puedo mover la montaña que puedo hacer todas cosas por Cristo, yo sé Fe, parándose y creyendo que puedo hacer todas cosas por Cristo que me refuerza.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Member Of European Parliment: The EU Is A Racket

I hope this guy runs for Prime Minister of Great Britain one day. Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and a Conservative Member of the European Parliment since 1999. In this video which has gone viral over the Net, Mr. Hannan points out that the real purpose of the European Investment Bank is the employment of its members. MEP Hannan sums up very neatly the cozy relationship that exists between the EIB administrators and their beneficiaries at the public expense. It has become part of the Brussels Racket says Hannan. Way to go Daniel!

Daniel Hannan writes about his 3 minute speech in the Telegraph UK, The internet has changed politics - changed it utterly and forever. Twenty-four hours ago, I made a three-minute speech in the European Parliament, aimed at Gordon Brown. I tipped off the BBC and some of the newspaper correspondents but, unsurprisingly, they ignored me: I am, after all, simply a backbench MEP.

Mr. Hannan has authored several books including, The Plan: Twelve months to renew Britain.

Where Are The Real Journalists?

Watching the ObamaMedia swing into action daily, breathlessly reporting on every move and 'never-before-done' feat of their savior reminds me of a modern-day remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Critics commonly draw parrallels between this 1956 film classic and 'McCarthyism'. However, the film's production supervisor, Walter Mirisch, director Don Siegel, and screenwriter, Dan Mainwaring only saw this work as a thriller. But, watching the one-minded narrative and unquestioning devotion of the majority of the mainstream media to the One, I can't help but be reminded of the callous, mindless, plant-clones in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers who replaced the real townspeople in the movie with a populace more in line the common goals of their own image for humanity.

Newsbusters provides just a sample of the fawning media coverage given to Obama, he who can do no wrong in their wondering, adoring, starstruck eyes.

BET's Jeff Johnson: People Shout Upon Hearing Obama’s Name, Like With Jesus

Obama's 'Virtual Town Hall' White House 'First' Enthralls ABC

CNN's Jack Cafferty: I'm Rooting' for 'Terrific,' 'Bright' Obama

Dear Barack, Don't Get Mad, I Was Just Doing My Job -- Love, Ed Henry, CNN

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Fawns Over Obama's 'Law Seminar'

CBS’s Rodriguez: ‘What Good’ Is GOP Criticism of Obama?

MSNBC's David Shuster Mocks 'Fantasy' That Media Was Too Easy on Obama

Olbermann & Dean: ‘Crazy’ to Call Any President ‘Fascist,’ But Olbermann Called Bush ‘Fascist’

You get the idea.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Honeymoon Over? - Zogby Poll Shows Obama Job Approval At 50%

Bad news for the new President elected on the promise of hope and change. Pollster John Zogby says a new sample of American's opinions of Barack Obama's job performance to date show an approval / disapproval rate of 50/50 for the new CinC. Zogby says that the state of the economy, coupled with the high expectations the public had for Obama along with a series of Presidential gaffes drove his approvals down to the 50% mark. Unwelcome news for the commander-in-chief only 56 days into his administration who still enjoys a solid personal-favorability rating.

Zogby quotes Kareem Crayton, associate professor of law and political science at the University of Southern California, It's pretty clear that the Obama administration has bumbled, just as every other administration has bumbled, and there are questions out there in the public about their ability to manage the economy, Afford him for the moment a significant amount of latitude, but it's not endless. Over the course of time, people want to see results.

In the meantime, it seems the President can't get enough of the limelight. After his high profile appearances on the economy, making his picks for March Madness with ESPN’s Andy Katz and bantering with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Obama will hold his second prime-time press conference tonight at 8PM eastern.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Geitner And Congressional Dems Knew Of AIG Bonuses Weeks Ago

U.S. Treasury Tim Geitner's claim that he was unaware of planned bonuses paid out to AIG execs until March 10th was caught in a lie by AIG president Edward Liddy in his testimony before Congress. DealBook busted Geitner on an apparent lie.

Representative Joseph Crowley, Democrat of New York, asked the Treasury secretary in an open hearing what could be done to stop American International Group from paying $165 million in bonuses to hundreds of employees in the very unit that had nearly destroyed the company.
Timothy F. Geithner, the Treasury secretary, responded by saying that executive pay in the financial industry had gotten 'out of whack' in recent years, and pledged to crack down on exorbitant pay at companies like A.I.G. that were being bailed out with billons of taxpayer dollars.

The exchange took place before the House Ways and Means Committee on March 3 — one week before Mr. Geithner claims he first learned that the failed insurance company was about to pay a round of bonuses that have since caused a political uproar.

The video clearly shows Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) questioning Geitner on the compensation and bonuses slated to be paid out to AIG execs on March 3rd. Despite the plain spoken and detailed summation of the pending compensation packages outlined by Congressman Crowley in his remarks to Geitner Treasury Spokesman Isaac Baker has the chutzpah to say with a straight face, Secretary Geithner was not aware of the timing or full extent of the contractual retention payments or the other bonus programs until his staff brought them to his attention on March 10.

They must take the American public for absolute and complete fools!

The mask is coming off and even this administration's former cheering section is waking up to the train wreck now being played out in D.C.

The Politico writes on the leading media liberals starting to get way past the fading glow of Obama.

It's not unusual for Barack Obama to take a little friendly fire from the Times. But it's perhaps unprecedented for him to get hit on the same day by columnists Frank Rich, Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd—and in the paper's lead editorial. Their critique punctuated a weekend that started with a widely circulated blog post by Paul Krugman that said the president’s yet to be announced bank rescue plan would almost certainly fail.

The sentiment, coming just two months after the president was sworn in, reflects elite opinion in the Washington-New York corridor that Obama is increasingly overwhelmed, and not fully appreciative of the building tsunami of populist outrage.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama to announce plan for increased oversight of 'executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies'

Matt Drudge reports that Barack Obama will announce plans to regulate executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies. Drudge says sources at the NY Times reveal the President's plans for control and oversight of corporate brass pay that goes beyond the financial industry.

The news comes on the heels of Thursday's interview with Jay Leno on NBC's Tonight Show. During the interview Obama gave a brief summary of his desire for 'common sense' regulation of the banking industry. (Hey that sounds reasonable right? What could happen?) Run the player to 2:50 into this interview segment where the President outlines his plans for the banking industry.

Barack wastes no time in advancing his plans and has pretty much established a pattern of first outlining his plans in a public venue and then acting on them within hours. Just one more note, run the segment up to 4:24 where you'll see the President comment that we don't need bright kids going to school to become investment bankers, (shudder) we need them to become engineers and scientists. I agree that we do need more technical and scientific professionals but these things are normally worked out in the market place. That career selection dynamic usually works well except when you have students receiving their education from sub-standard schools where science and math are disdained by school administrators. Don't be too surprised if you hear of another plan from the new administration calling on young people to shun a calling to banking and related financial institutions in favor of more 'desireable' professions defined by liberals and their marxist scions.

First cigarettes and the tobacco industry were targeted as the pariahs of society, now it will be the bankers and the financial industry that will be the object of Democrat scorn. Next up will be the coal industry that will be cast as an object of liberal hatred and responsible for the evils of pollution.

Obama Makes Special Olympics Gaffe On Leno

Commenting on his much improved bowling score of 129, up from a painful-to-watch 32 while on the campaign trail, the President made an off-hand remark likening his improved low score to an athlete competing in the Special Olympics. It was like Special Olympics or something said the President commenting on his most recent score.

Even before the show aired, the White House trotted out Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton aboard Air Force One to issue an apology on behalf of the President for the joke, hoping to dampen criticism about Obama's comment.

Too late.

Burton opened with a prepared statement for the newshounds, The President made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics. He thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world. Burton then waded into the deep end of the Press pool with reporters hammering him with questions about AIG, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Senator Chris Dodd; the most recent focus of blame for the AIG bonus fiasco.

Ater Obama's appearance on the Tonight Show where the topics ranged from the AIG bailout, people like Simon Cowell in Washington politics, and March Madness, it was the Special Olympics quip that people were talking about the next morning.

California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger and first lady Maria Shriver who deeply support the charity were confident that Obama meant no offense in the comment. Maria Shriver's mother-in-law Eunice Kennedy started the Special Olympics movement in the late sixties which is chaired by Timothy Shriver. He loves Special Olympics, said Governor Schwarzenegger, and he will do everything he can to help Special Olympics. And every one of us sometimes makes a mistake. Something comes out of your mouth and you say, 'Oops, I wish I wouldn't have said that.' I've had many of those.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whose son Trig is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome said she was shocked by the comment. These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Duh-huh-huh-huh! - Leno Runs "What Is George Bush Doing Today 'Spoof'" In Time For Obama Appearance

In another tiresome George Bush izth tho' thupid! skit, Jay Leno ran his latest in a series of 'Bush izth tho' thupid' videos and parodies of the 43rd President of the United States. This latest hit piece arrives in plenty of time to set the stage for Thursday's anticipated arrival of President Barack Obama on the Tonight Show. Creating an obvious set up for the audience, Leno uses a low-brow caricature of the 43rd President as a counterweight to the 44th President's scheduled appearance on the late night talk show. The technique couldn't be more sophomoric than if it were staged by the wanabe thespians who lettered at Rigdemont High.

While Leno busied himself with cheap jokes at Bush's expense to prep his audience for the arrival of the One, President Bush refused to criticize Obama during his visit to Calgary, Alberta Canada on Tuesday. Of his successor Mr. Bush said, he deserves my silence and said that he wants Barack Obama to succeed. Bush summed up his thoughts on his successor and his critics, I love my country a lot more than I love politics, I think it is essential that he be helped in office.

Bush's response shows the class and the caliber of the man who proceeded Obama into the White House. A rejoinder like that is something you would never get from the crop of leading Dems populating the Hill today. During the invitation-only event titled A Conversation with George W. Bush, the former President mentioned his plans to write a book on the 12 toughest decisions he had to make as the nation's Chief Executive. (Oh, when word of this project gets out, expect to see a flurry of Bush izth tho' thupid segments from the same little minds that brought you the What Is George Bush Doing Today parodies-presented-as-fact vignettes.)

Regarding the focus of his proposed book the former President said, I want people to understand what it was like to sit in the Oval Office and have them come in and say we have captured Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, the alleged killer of a guy named Danny Pearl because he was simply Jewish, and we think we have information on further attacks on the United States.

Long after his enemies and critics are forgotten by the crowd, history will vindicate George W. Bush for his stance on the war on terror and the hard decisions he made during his tenure.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Considers Helping Vets By Making Them Buy Their Own Medical Insurance

I'm amazed by the generous use of doublespeak by this administration to explain the latest shift in its policy contortions. Yesterday, Robert Gibbs declared that the President is bringing the perpetrators of terrorism on our soil and abroad to justice. This incredible assertion is made in the wake of Obama's executive order to shut Gitmo and drop without prejudice all charges on Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri the accused mastermind behind the October 12th 2000 bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Aden Harbor Yemen.

Within hours of his tenure, the President signed an executive order that reads in part, all proceedings of such military commissions to which charges have been referred but in which no judgment has been rendered, and all proceedings pending in the United States Court of Military Commission Review, are halted. By signing such an order, the President must by his own directive, stop the trial of al-Nashiri. Then after producing such a double-minded policy, his Press Secretary has the unmitigated gall to declare before the Wahington Press Corps that the President is bringing the perpetrators of terror to justice?

During his terse speech at Camp Lejune before the men and women of the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Obama said, You and your families have done your duty – now a grateful nation must do ours. Now we learn that this same President that delivered that promise to service men and women just two weeks ago is seriously considering making Veterans wounded in the service of their country pay for their own health insurance after they are discharged from the military!

The American Legion reports, The leader of the nation's largest veterans organization says he is 'deeply disappointed and concerned' after a meeting with President Obama today to discuss a proposal to force private insurance companies to pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. The Obama administration recently revealed a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in such cases.

'It became apparent during our discussion today that the President intends to move forward with this unreasonable plan,' said Commander David K. Rehbein of The American Legion. 'He says he is looking to generate $540-million by this method, but refused to hear arguments about the moral and government-avowed obligations that would be compromised by it.

$540 Million? Is that what the sacrifice of our nation's heroes is worth? This President wants to save $540 Million on some government balance sheet, while the Treasury reports that the nation now is $11 TRILLION in government debt? Does the President actually think that he can deal from the top and bottom of the deck at the same time with the American public?

The American Legion report continues, Commander Rehbein was among a group of senior officials from veterans service organizations joining the President, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki and Steven Kosiak, the overseer of defense spending at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The group's early afternoon conversation at The White House was precipitated by a letter of protest presented to the President earlier this month. The letter, co-signed by Commander Rehbein and the heads of ten colleague organizations, read, in part, 'There is simply no logical explanation for billing a veteran's personal insurance for care that the VA has a responsibility to provide. While we understand the fiscal difficulties this country faces right now, placing the burden of those fiscal problems on the men and women who have already sacrificed a great deal for this country is unconscionable.'

Here is a video of Mr. Obama's high-sounding speech before Marines just two weeks ago.

Eight minutes and nine seconds into this video of the his speech to Marines at Camp Lejeune North Carolina the President has this to say: I want to be very clear that my strategy for ending the war in Iraq does not end with military plans or diplomatic agendas – it endures through our commitment to uphold our sacred trust with every man and woman who has served in Iraq.

You make up a fraction of the American population, but in an age when so many people and institutions have acted irresponsibly, you did the opposite – you volunteered to bear the heaviest burden. And for you and for your families, the war does not end when you come home. It lives on in memories of your fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who gave their lives. It endures in the wound that is slow to heal, the disability that isn’t going away, the dream that wakes you at night, or the stiffening in your spine when a car backfires down the street.

You and your families have done your duty – now a grateful nation must do ours. That is why I am increasing the number of soldiers and Marines, so that we lessen the burden on those who are serving. And that is why I have committed to expanding our system of veterans health care to serve more patients, and to provide better care in more places. We will continue building new wounded warrior facilities across America, and invest in new ways of identifying and treating the signature wounds of this war: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as other combat injuries.

We also know that service does not end with the person wearing the uniform. In her visits with military families across the country, my wife Michelle has learned firsthand about the unique burden that your families endure every day. I want you to know this: military families are a top priority for Michelle and me, and they will be a top priority for my administration. We’ll raise military pay, and continue providing quality child-care, job-training for spouses, and expanded counseling and outreach to families that have known the separation and stress of war. We will also heed the lesson of history – that those who fight in battle can form the backbone of our middle class – by implementing a 21st century GI Bill to help our veterans live their dreams.

Just one teensy, weensy, little item; run the video back to 8:09 and note the expression on the CinC's face, also note the caption that appears on the bottom of the screen in that still. I just happened to notice it. Just to be clear, I'm not a black helicopters flying in the sky kinda' guy but I thought the frame capture was interesting. I'm sure it's nothing.

The full text of Mr. Obama's speech can be viewed here.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

One of the most well known of Christianity's Saints is the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Patrick, a missionary to Ireland during the fifth century A.D. was born into wealth during the latter part of the fouth century and taken into captivity by raiders believed to be attacking his family's estate.

While most Saint Patrick's Day reveler's celebrate the feast day of this inspired cleric with the wearing of the green and imbibing various forms of alchohol, Patrick's story is one of endurance and perseverance over adversity tempered his faith in God.

Guided by his desire to fulfill his calling to convert the Irish people to Christianity, Patrick used his familiarity with Irish language and culture to explain the gospel to the Celtic people of the Emerald Isle.

More information about Saint Patrick can be found here and here.

(Portrait from Catholic Community Forum)

Robert Gibbs: Dick Cheney Next Most Popular Member Of The Republican Cabal

It's kind of hard to get mad at a guy who looks like Clark Kent, but White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs does give it his best shot. One of the most annoying things about having a guy like Gibbs as the White House Press Secretary, is that he shows Republicans what a scrappy Press Secretary ought to look like.

I can't recall the number of times I would cringe at the pretzel-like contortions of some of Bush 43's Press Secretaries as they twirled around questions in the hopes of not possibly offending anyone. The worst example of PC malaise was Scott McClellan. The late Tony Snow was a breath of fresh air while Dana Perino was always a class act. (But I digress)

But I gotta' hand it to Robert Gibbs, he'll just say something off the top of his head and worry about the bricks later. Going into sarcastic mode Gibbs said of Cheney's criticism of Obama's policies I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy so they trotted out the next most popular member of the Republican cabal.

Responding to Cheney's observations that the new administration's policies will raise the risk to the American people of another attack, Gibbs intoned, For seven-plus years, the very perpetrators that the vice president says he's concerned about weren't brought to justice.

I guess shutting down Gitmo without having a plan on where the combatants will go is bringing them to justice?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheney: Obama Using Economy For Massive Government Expansion

Speaking truth to power, former Vice-President Dick Cheney indicated on CNN's State of the Union with host John King, that President Obama is using current economic conditions as a way to justify the largest expansion of federal authority in the history of the Republic. I worry very much that what is being done here is saying, 'We've got an economic crisis, therefore, we're justified in fundamentally remaking the health program in America, I don't think that's right., Mr. Cheney said. Mr. Chenney's remarks were carried by Politico.

Responding to Barack Obama's familiar story line that the Bush Administration was responsible for the current economic mess, the former Veep pushed back; I think there’s no question but what the economic circumstances that he inherited are difficult ones, We said that before we left. I don’t think you can blame the Bush administration for the creation of those circumstances. It’s a global financial problem.

We had, in fact, tried to deal with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac some years before, with major reforms that were blocked by Democrats on the Hill – [House Financial Services Chairman] Barney Frank and [Senate Banking Chairman] Chris Dodd. So I think the notion that you can just sort of throw it off on the prior administration – that’s interesting rhetoric, but I don’t think anybody really cares a lot about that. What they care about is what’s going to work, and how we’re going to get out of these difficulties.

Speaking of those Democrats on the Hill, here's Bill O'Reilly in a less civil exchange, screaming at Barney Frank for his role in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgage mess.

Cincinnati 'Tea Party' Draws Thousands Of Protesters

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Cincinnati to protest recent passage of the so-called 'stimulus package' by all Democrat members of Congress, along with three Republican Senators which was later signed into law by President Barack Hussein Obama.

One of the featured speakers at the protest summed up the problem posed by passage of the SwindleUS bill by the self-styled elites in Washington D.C., Too many parasites living off the labor of the industrious.

Congressman John Boehner takes a moment to thank participants of today's protest against the latest Democrat initiated dog and pony show.

The DADvocate has some great photos of the Cincinnati protest available here.

(H.T. Michelle Malkin)

Welcome Instapundit, Free Republic and DADvocate readers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Takes Down Jim Cramer On Comedy Central

When you're right, you're right. Stewart corners Jim Cramer who perhaps for the first time in his life is nearly speechless. Cramer says on his show he'll get back to the fundamentals of covering the financial markets.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs admitted he had watched the face-off between CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. Regarding the big helping of crow Cramer was served on Stewart's show Gibbs said, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pledging Earmark Spending Reform, Obama Signs Pork-Laden Stimulus Package

It's amazing how this President can argue the merits of doing one thing, and turn around and do the exact opposite. Does Mr. Obama believe that Americans wake up to a whole new world every morning, without any clue as to what happened the day before? In his remarks before the press on the need for earmark reform on Wednesday, Mr. Obama pointed to his work with the Congress in passing this legislation before signing the $410 Billion Omnibus bill into law.

Working together, we passed an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that's already putting people back to work doing the work that America needs done. We did it without the customary Congressional earmarks -- the practice by which individual legislators insert projects of their choosing. We're implementing the Recovery Act with an unprecedented level of aggressive oversight and transparency, including a website -- -- that allows every American to see how their tax dollars are spent and report on cases where the system is breaking down.

What you likely have heard about is that this bill does include earmarks. Now, let me be clear: Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their districts, and that's why I've opposed their outright elimination. And I also find it ironic that some of those who rail most loudly against this bill because of earmarks actually inserted earmarks of their own –- and will tout them in their own states and their own districts.

True, earmarks to build necessary infrastructure like bridges and roads and provide for the construction of hospitals, libraries and the like are all worthy projects that we can support. But unfunded budget items that fall into grey areas like $500,000 to build a dog park in Chula Vista, California and $886,000 to build a 36-hole Frisbee-golf course in Austin, Texas not to mention $2 million to switch households to energy-efficient light bulbs in North Miami, Florida don't make the grade for fiscal responsibility. And the American public hasn't even begun to comb through all 7,991 earmarks packed into the omnibus spending bill just approved by the new President.

Mr. Obama continued, ....on occasion, earmarks have been used as a vehicle for waste, and fraud, and abuse. Projects have been inserted at the 11th hour, without review, and sometimes without merit, in order to satisfy the political or personal agendas of a given legislator, rather than the public interest.

Mr. President, didn't we see you and Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushing Congress to hurry-up and pass this legislation without having time to review the 1,100 page porkulus package? Weren't you on board with Harry Reid and SanFran Nan' to push Congress to approve this multi-generational instrument of debt with less than 24 hours of public review time? Here is the video of House Republican Leader John Boehner calling you out on your flagrant disregard of campaign promises you made to the American taxpayer.

Later on in his speech, Mr. Obama threw out some political cover for himself and his fellow partisans on the Hill when he intoned, Now I'm calling on Congress to enact these reforms as the appropriation process moves forward this year. Neither I nor the American people will accept anything less.

It's important that we get this done to ensure that the budget process works better, that taxpayers are protected, and that we save billions of dollars that we so desperately need to right our economy and address our fiscal crisis. Along with that reform, I expect future spending bills to be debated and voted on in an orderly way, and sent to my desk without delay or obstruction, so that we don't face another massive, last-minute omnibus bill like this one.

Nice. First, Democrats now controlling both houses of Congress pack the bill with as many earmarks as they can muster into a 'stimulus' package in a fortnight, then rush to get the bill approved by the House and Senate without anyone but staffers having read portions of it, and then lay the blame for the hurried up schedule back on the Congress! That's the way to bring real hope and change in Washington!

In stark contrast to his public signings of other bills passed by the Congress in the past few days, Mr. Obama signed this latest piece of legislation behind closed doors and away from cameras.

A full transcript of the President's speech is available here.

Dubya vs. Barry - The Marines Know Who Loves And Supports Them

Note the striking difference between the receptions given to George Walker Bush and Barack Hussein Obama when introduced to the fighting men and women of the United States Marine Corps.

The Marines know that George Bush loves them and the Corps.

From the tepid reception given to B.H. Obama, we see that they don't care much for him and he doesn't care much for them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama Kinda' - Sorta' Addreses The Question: 'Are You A Socialist?'

The new President delivers a long response to a reporter's lingering question, Are you a Socialist?

Here the President calls a New York Times reporter to again follow up on the Socialist question asked during an impromptu meeting held earlier in the day with journalists covering the White House.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chris Wallace And Brit Hume Point To Obama's Policies As Cause Of Stock Market Losses

The Fox News commentators discuss the Obama administration's effect on the stock market.

Choice item from the video:

....most people entered this period of the new Obama administration thinking that it probably was bottoming out and that he would give by his very presence and by what he would offer real hope and that it would at least change the psychology a bit. It has changed the psychology, it seems, for the worse and I think he does bear responsibility for that, and the impression that he has managed to leave is that hes too busy with massive new spending and a scatter shot stimulus bill which was reckless and breathless new initiatives.

The National Review reports in its Campaign Spot that sources close to the administration say that the chief executive is overwhelmed by the massive downturn in the market and the economy and worry that the President is not getting enough rest.

In commenting on the President's recent informal meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the article points out that, allies of Mr Obama say his weary appearance in the Oval Office with Mr Brown illustrates the strain he is now under, and the president's surprise at the sheer volume of business that crosses his desk.

A well-connected Washington figure, who is close to members of Mr Obama's inner circle, expressed concern that Mr Obama had failed so far to "even fake an interest in foreign policy".

The American source said: "Obama is overwhelmed. There is a zero sum tension between his ability to attend to the economic issues and his ability to be a proactive sculptor of the national security agenda.

Friday, March 06, 2009

White House Press Secretary As Market Passes 12 Year Low: Fighting With Critics Is Fun

Robert Gibbs is no Sun-Tzu. While the economy goes into the tank as stock prices plummet to new twelve year lows, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is interested in trying to do fun stuff, like score debating points against administration critics Rick Santelli, Jim Cramer and Rush Limbaugh.

This is what you get when you elect a dull, uninspired paint-by-the-numbers Socialist to be the nation's chief executive.

The Hill reports:

President Obama’s spokesman and confidant simply characterizes his battles with Limbaugh and CNBC commentators Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer as “fun.”
He adds that the rationale behind engaging those critics from the podium of the White House briefing room is to correct the record on Obama’s policies during times of severe economic uncertainty.

“There’s a certain amount of theater to it that might make it more fun, but it’s important that people understand the policy,” Gibbs said in his West Wing office.

We now have a modern day urban legend to set alongside Nero playing playing the fiddle as Rome burned.

Internet Sensation - Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

Something to chuckle about and get your mind off politics and the economy.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Coming To A Location Near You

April 15th is the date selected by the Silent Majority No More for a nationwide tea party. Click here to find a Tax Day Tea Party rally near you.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Limbaugh Tops Obama White House Enemies List

In a throw-back to the Machiavellian days of Richard Milhouse Nixon, the Obama White House has a plan to get at conservative radio talker, Rush Limbaugh according to Politico. Threatened by the buzz Limbaugh generated at the annual CPAC conference last week, and by his daily radio broadcast to millions of Americans, partisan wonks in the Obama Administration believe they have struck paydirt with polling data compiled by Democracy Corps, a polling company reportedly run by James Carville and Stanley Greenberg.

The crux of the plan to marginalize the talk radio star and his supporters is to cast the Grand Old Party as the party of angry white males with Limbaugh as its poster child. Exemplifying the outright coordination between this White House and the so-called mainstream media, CNN Political Analyst William Schneider said Rush Limbaugh represents Angry White Men. The complicity of the media to follow the direction of Democrat party bosses couldn't be any more apparent. In comments made to CNN's Randi Kaye, Schneider said he thought Limbaugh's speech was, a very harsh speech. I guess the fact that the Dow Industrial Average is now at an twelve year low because of the policies undertaken by the administration doesn't even register as a blip on the radar of this member of part of the best political team on television, as Kaye describes Schneider.

Schneider's comments about angry white men only serve to validate the observation made by Limbaugh in his speech at CPAC, that liberals don't look out at an audience and see people, they see color and victims and grievances, whereas conservatives only see people endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Here is part of the transcript of Limbaugh's CPAC speech:

I want to tell you who conservatives are. We conservatives have not done a good enough job of just laying out basically who we are because we make the mistake of assuming people know. What they know is largely incorrect based on the way we are portrayed in pop culture, in the Drive-By Media, by the Democrat Party. Let me tell you who we conservatives are: We love people. [Applause]

When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings. We don't see groups. We don't see victims. We don't see people we want to exploit. What we see -- what we see is potential. We do not look out across the country and see the average American, the person that makes this country work. We do not see that person with contempt. We don't think that person doesn't have what it takes. We believe that person can be the best he or she wants to be if certain things are just removed from their path like onerous taxes, regulations and too much government. [Applause]

We want every American to be the best he or she chooses to be. We recognize that we are all individuals. We love and revere our founding documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. [Applause] We believe that the preamble to the Constitution contains an inarguable truth that we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life. [Applause] Liberty, Freedom. [Applause] And the pursuit of happiness. [Applause] Those of you watching at home may wonder why this is being applauded. We conservatives think all three are under assault.

Limbaugh sees an important opportunity in this fight. In an email to the Politico he writes, The administration is enabling me,....They are expanding my profile, expanding my audience and expanding my influence. An ever larger number of people are now being exposed to the antidote to Obamaism: conservatism, as articulated by me. An ever larger number of people are now exposed to substantive warnings, analysis and criticism of Obama's policies and intentions, a ‘story’ I own because the [mainstream media] is largely the Obama Press Office.

While the President and his minions are fighting the battle of Rush Limbaugh, the New York Daily News reports that 55% of Americans say they are either unsure or that they believe the United States is in a depression. Americans haven't seen a glimmer of the hope and change you can believe in promisses they were made in 2008 by candidate Obama. Since the mantle of leadership passed from George W. Bush to Barack H. Obama, the nation's banking and investment markets have accelerated their declines amid announcements of proposed Federal budgets greater than the total of all Federal budgets since the founding of the Republic!

The President appears to believe that by waging a political battle against critics, the economy will settle down and things will begin to right themselves again on Wall Street and on Main Street. No Mr. President, the people who are the engines of the economy, from the Wall Street banker that you and your fellow liberals so malign, to the lowliest shipping clerk toiling away in obscurity at his desk, lack one important element that is lacking in a robust economy; C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E. Confidence in the market, confidence that they will have savings to pass on to their children, confidence that their jobs and their companies will not be wiped away, and confidence in a bright future for the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jim Kramer: President Obama Pursuing A Radical Agenda

Money mavin Jim Kramer of CNBC's Mad Money skewer's President Obama's economic policies. Kramer says, I just want some sign that Obama realizes the market is totally falling apart and that his agenda has a big hand in that happening....A young kid took me aside. He said I was right when I said we've elected a Leninist.

Here's Kramer again appearing with Today Show's Matt Lauer and Erin Burnett of CNBC. Erin tries to put a positive spin and a happy face on a market headed for a deep dive. This is the greatest wealth destruction I've seen by a President, says Kramer.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tries his level best to defend the amateur hour spend-thrift policies of the administration. The only thing Gibbs can come up with in responding to Kramer's criticism is to make a lame comment about the size of Kramer's audience and try to pin the blame on Bush. The little audience Mr. Gibbs refers to when talking about Jim Kramer's show, are investment fund managers and bond traders. They're the guys who tune in to shows like Mad Money to get a glimpse on what the word is on the street from a guy who made millions as a Wall Street trader! Gee, I guess we wouldn't want to listen to a guy like that would we Mr. Gibbs! We should belief in the pie-in-the-sky economic policies currently coming out of the Democrat controlled Congress and the White House. While the administration plays politics with the economy, and tries to pin the blame on Wall Street for the subprime lending mess that accelerated the market slide, the real culprits in this fiasco, Congress along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, get a free pass.

While Mr. Gibbs tries to formulate a lucid response against that latest economic broadside hurled at the Obama administration, the Wall Street Journal notes that in the Obama economy, the President is running out of people to blame.

The powers in Congress -- unrebuked by Mr. Obama -- are ridiculing and punishing the very capitalists who are essential to a sustainable recovery. The result has been a capital strike, and the return of the fear from last year that we could face a far deeper downturn. This is no way to nurture a wounded economy back to health.

Listening to Mr. Obama and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, on the weekend, we couldn't help but wonder if they appreciate any of this. They seem preoccupied with going to the barricades against Republicans who wield little power, or picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh, as if this is the kind of economic leadership Americans want.

Perhaps they're reading the polls and figure they have two or three years before voters stop blaming Republicans and Mr. Bush for the economy. Even if that's right in the long run, in the meantime their assault on business and investors is delaying a recovery and ensuring that the expansion will be weaker than it should be when it finally does arrive.

Monday, March 02, 2009

It's On: White House Trades Barbs With Rush Limbaugh

In yet another installment of hope that brings real change as we get away from the old politics of divisiveness, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs today sneered at Rush Limbaugh's weekend comments at the annual CPAC conference held in Washington D.C.. The Hill quotes the White House press secretary issuing terse threats to critics of the President's economic stimulus package, daring them to echo on camera the sentiments expressed by Rush Limbaugh at CPAC.

Do they want to see the president's economic agenda fail? You know, I bet there are a number of guests on television throughout the day and maybe into tomorrow who could let America know whether they agree with what Rush Limbaugh said this weekend.

Referring to Limbaugh and the CPAC attendees, Gibbs added, it would be charitable to say he doubled down on what he said in January in wishing and hoping for economic failure in this country...I can only imagine what might have been said a few years ago if somebody might have said that on the other side relating to what was going on in this country or our endeavors overseas,....(the) notion of presidential failures seemed to be quite popular in the room in which he spoke.

Mr. Gibbs seems to have a very selective memory when it comes to what Democrats were saying about the 43rd President of the United States. While George Walker Bush was waging a war against terror on the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq and maintaing the security of the homeland from another 9/11, Democrats were only too happy to line up in front of cameras and microphones and megaphones to declare the War in Iraq LOST and accuse our troops of murdering civilians, bombing villages and terrorizing Iraqis.

As for the, "he wants the President to fail" meme offered by Gibbs and other liberals who say saddling generations of Americans with Trillions of Dollars in Government debt is the way out of an economic slowdown, Limbaugh says, why in the world do I want what we just described, rampant government growth indebtedness, wealth that's not even being created yet that is being spent, what is in this? What possibly is in this that anybody of us want to succeed? Did the Democrats want the war on Iraq to fail!

In this video, Limbaugh responds to the administration's foray into economic folley and includes an impression of Harry Reid's infamous declaration that, this war is lost in Iraq. Limbaugh also recalls the Dems shameful treatment of General Petraeus, culminating with Hillary Clinton's insulting the General with her willing suspension of disbelief crack made during a Senate hearing while he was testifying on the progress being made in Iraq.

Here Senator Kerry calls President George Bush's policy of staying the course in Iraq a failure and says American troops were terrorizing women and children in the middle of the night.

In this video, Harry Reid calls George Bush the worst President ever and goes on to make one false accusation after another against the President regarding Social Security and Medicare.

Here Congressman John Murtha is confronted by Young America's Foundation's Jason Mattera after Murtha's accusations of Marines committing murder in the Haditha case are proven to be false in a court of law.

Presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs has the unmitigated arrogance to ask, I can only imagine what might have been said a few years ago if somebody might have said that on the other side relating to what was going on in this country or our endeavors overseas? The Democrat leaders in Congress cravenly made it a practice to regularly and shamelessly slander a Republican President and undermine his leadership while he was engaged in winning the war and liberating 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their goal in making one outrageous claim after another was to gain short-term political gain at the ballot box. In times past it was said and observed by both parties that politics ended at the shore's edge. Despite our differences at home, Democrats and Republicans presented one front undivided before the world, but the cynical leaders of today's Democrat party threw that honorable notion out the window a long time ago in favor of expedience.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sensitive Information On Marine One Traced To Iranian Computer

Breitbart and WPXI in Pittsburgh report Tiversa security specialists were able to trace information about Marine One to an IP address in Tehran, Iran. Marine One is the helicopter used by the President of the United States to shuttle him to short-range destinations such as Camp David. The CEO of Tiversa, Bob Boback said, a defense contractor in Bethesda, MD had a file sharing program on one of their systems that also contained highly sensitive blueprints for Marine One.

I doubt that defense contractor is working on that account anymore.