Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Tribute 2009

Can't be said any better than this:

November 10, 1775 - November 10, 2009 - Happy Birthday USMC

Belated birthday greetings to the Few, the Proud, the Marines.

Monday, November 09, 2009

November 9th 2009: Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

Twenty years ago today, the impossible became a reality when a stunned world watched as Germans from the east and west sides of the "Iron Curtain" tore down one of the most hideous symbols of Communist oppression, the Berlin wall. Barack Hussein Obama passed on an historic invitation by German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, to celebrate twenty years to the day, the felling of that most odious edifice and evidence of Communism's cost and evil intent.

If the weakness, indecision and fecklessness that so characterize this president's foreign and military policy is any guide, the oppressed people of the world can expect nothing from Obama but vague platitudes and self-congratulatory pronouncements from the "One" in their struggle for freedom.

Here then is a tribute to those who did oppose and overcome evil.

Such an event was inconceivable during the Cold War years. Here former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill coins the phrase, "Iron Curtain" in a speech delivered at Westminster College, Fulton.

Let us pray for brave leaders such as this to occupy the highest offices in our realm and let us be a people and a generation who merit such heralds.