Thursday, August 26, 2010

ABC News Admits Wrongdoing from "Freelancer" Covering Ground Zero Protest

Andrea Lafferty appeared on the Janet Mefferd Show to talk about the actions of a member of an ABC news crew at a Ground Zero Protest. While Andrea was on the Janet Mefferd Radio Show, the host read an acknowledgement she received from Geoffrey W. Schneider Senior VP and spokesman from ABC. In the statement issued by Mr. Schneider, the company admitted that a freelance audio technician did aggressively interview protestors and was not instructed to engage protestors at the rally according to ABC. The statement noted that the freelancer had been "repremanded" by the company.

Andrea responded that Mr. Schneider's explanation was nothing more than a cover-up and reported that there two full-time ABC employees at the protest. This was a setup. said Ms. Lafferty of the news crew's actions. She noted that an ABC cameraman who was a full-time employee of the broadcast company and a young woman who is a field producer for ABC were at the protest and did nothing to disuade the freelancer from engaging in his course of action. Andrea Lafferty maintains that the ABC news crew was on location, trying to gin up a confrontation so they could get news.

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