Sunday, September 26, 2010

NY Post: Ahmadinejad meets with Farrakhan and New Black Panther Party during NYC Trip

When not bashing the U.S. and its support of the "evil Zionist entity" at the U.N. last week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took time to meet with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday at Gotham's Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street says the NY Post and My Fox Houston.

The Post reports; Paranoia was on parade at the Hilton the moment the president checked in on Saturday, Sept. 18. His team took six floors to themselves in the hotel's south tower, overlooking Tudor City, about 90 rooms in all. More than 20 were just for security. Still, Ahmadinejad, who wore the same tacky suit and shirt all week, took every precaution.

He never set foot in the lobby. Bulletproof glass was installed over room windows. When he left for meetings at the Iranian Mission, on Third Avenue, or the United Nations, he departed by an employee entrance, the path covered in a white tent -- a veritable tunnel to his vehicle. His head was covered with a white cloth. No one saw him on the street. The entourage dined in but not on room service. Meals -- mostly lamb, shish kebabs, spiced ground meat and basmati rice -- were prepared by a Persian restaurant and carried in by Secret Service agents. A source said the spicy grub made "the whole hotel stink like hell."

I wonder if they had some of that stinky Ahmadinejad-approved chow on hand for his sit down with Farrakhan and New Black Panther Party?

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