Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Palin: GOP Insiders Don't want Christine O'Donnel to Win

Nothing like the old guard GOP country-clubbers and cocktail party set to show their real colors when an actual conservative wins an election. The old guard GOP generates plenty of chatter about liberal Democrats, and can recite nostrums verbatim on the virtues of small government while on the talk show circuit, or writing op-eds for the New York Times and Washington post. But let an actual conservative win a primary or election and the talking heads begin wagging while offering up phrases like, "unelectable", "too extreme", "outside the mainstream" and "I'm concerned". Actually, the old guard likes things just the way they are. They percieve candidates like Christine O'Donnel, Nicki Hailey and Sara Palin as threats to their power who are don't deserve to share the stage with them.

Here's Sarah Palin on Bill O'Reilly's show taking on TokyoRove.

Here's Christine O'Donnel responding to TokoyRove's attacks on Good Morning America.

HT: Gateway Pundit.

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