Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change: Obama Loses Support From Four Out of Ten '08 Backers

Bloomberg released results of polling data from likely voters who say they once backed Obama in 2008. The national poll conducted between October 7 - 10th for the publication showed that 4 of 10 likely voters who once supported Obama are either less supportive or don't support the post-partisan president at all.

An article published today at notes that fewer than half of likely voters approve of Obama's performance as president. Worse yet for the former community organizer from Chicago's south side, 6 in 10 of voters who are enthusiastic about voting this November 2nd say Obama has worsened the economy.

All is not gloomy however for two prominent figures in this administration. The article states that former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is viewed favorably by 64% of voters while First Lady Michelle Obama is viewed favorably by 62% of the electorate. Maybe this can be the Democrat's dream ticket in 2012.

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