Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Presents: "Chris Coons, The Taxman" In New Ad

Christine O’Donnell, Republican Senate Candidate for the state of Delaware debuts CoonsTheTaxMan in a new ad shinning the big Hollywood-style spotlight on her Democratic opponent for Joe Biden's old Senate seat. Coons, who has been able to rely on the creative resources of Saturday Night Live to help run his campaign, is billed in CoonsTheTaxMan as the man who, "couldn't find enough taxes to raise." "Hide your will. Hide your lights. 'Cause he's taxing everything out of here." says the ad.

When the jokesters at SNL couldn't sink Christine's boat, the bigs at the DNC decided to try a new tack by dispatching SNL alum and now Democrat Senator Al Franken from Minneosota (The famous Stuart Smalley) to campaign alongside Coons for Biden's old seat. Further elevating O'Donnell's star in the Delaware Senate race, will be no less than President Obama himself, who plans to go on the stump in the First State with Veep Joe Biden as himself.

Democrat strategists say, "they want to keep O'Donnell on the radar" with the planned road trip into Joe Biden's old stomping grounds. Gateway Pundit opines, "I find the Washington Post’s contention that President Obama and the democrats are trying to “keep O’Donnell on the radar” rather curious considering the Christine O’Donnell-Chris Coons debate sold out in ten minutes!"

Hey, maybe the crew from SNL can come along for the ride too!

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