Friday, October 01, 2010

Gloria Allred Gets Flamed on Greta Van Susteren's Show

Gloria Allred gets taken to the wood shed in her latest appearance on Greta Van Susteren's TV Show. Allred called media attention to California Republican gubenatorial candidate Meg Whitman this week, accusing the candidate of not being diligent enough in following up on the immigration status of her Latina housekeeper. Allred's oportunistic low-brow hit on Meg Whitman is dispicable. Greta's opening round with Alred starts with, "Gloria you know I like you but I think this is absolutely unthinkable; let me tell you what you've done." Watch Gloria's on-camera smile morph into a frown when she's put to task by the Fox News host.

Listen to Allred dance all around the microphone as Mark Levin questions her about this fiasco and whether she has been in touch with any intermediaries from the Jerry Brown campaign.

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