Wednesday, October 20, 2010

GOP Challenger says Steny Hoyer threatened; “I’m coming after you.”

“I’m coming after you.” said a frustrated Steny Hoyer according to GOP contender Charles Lollar and others from Lollar's campaign. Hoyer was reportedly upset after losing a debate to GOP challenger and Marine Corps veteran, Charles Lollar. Despite denials from the Hoyer camp, the Congressman and fierce rival of fellow Dem Nancy Pelosi, reportedly "knuckle punched" his challenger in the back, not once but twice says Lollar and several others who were at the Charles County Chamber of Commerce candidate’s forum.

No worries shrugs Lollar reacting to Hoyer's plausibly petulant act, "I guess desperate times call for desparate measures, you would think that someone who would be seasoned and have the truth on their side, unless they don't have truth on their side, would not lend themselves to doing something like that. I have no ill feelings toward our current Congressman. I simply believe that sometimes you have a tendency in staying in places too long. You feel betrohed to certain positions of power. And you forget where you come from." About Hoyer's supposed threat to "come after" him Lollar responds, "I look forward to it, bring it on, I never met a Marine that didn't like a good fight." Hoo Rahh!

Here is Mr. Lollar's press conference held in Southern Maryland.

You can contribute to Charles Lollar's campaign here.

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