Friday, October 08, 2010

Jerry Brown Aide Calls Meg Whitman a 'Whore'

Ya' talk about yur classy. Jerry Brown's campaign's got 'dat in Aces. Brown called the Los Angeles Police Protective League last month to ask for its endorsement. In a voicemail he left for Scott Rate, a director at the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Brown fails to disconnect the phone after leaving a message for Rate. Jerry Brown can be heard on the tape, discussing with aides a strategy for locking down the endorsement of the LAPPL. Brown and his cohorts can be heard complaining that Meg Whitman made a "secret deal" with the league at which point one of the aides says, “What about saying she’s a whore?” Brown responds, “Well, I’m going to use that, it proves you’ve cut a secret deal to protect the pensions.”

The squall that ensued following revelation of the tape in Thursday's LA Times prompted a meek apology from the Brown campaign for, "salty language". Scott Rate is appalled by the remark and is not mollified by Brown's feeble apology. "It was absolutely shocking and unforgivable whether he thought anybody was listening or not." said Rate in the LAWeekly Blog.

And filed under "You just can't make this stuff up." Only one day after his campaign aide is heard calling Meg Whitman a 'Whore', Jerry Brown scores an endorsement from the California N.O.W.

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