Monday, October 04, 2010

Linda McMahon Hammers Blumenthal On "Vietnam Service" Claims

In a tight race to replace retiring Democrat Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, GOP Senatorial nominee Linda McMahon is slamming Democrat Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for statements he made claiming to have served in Vietnam. Voters in the Nutmeg State handed Obama an easy win over John McCain in 2008, but my how times have changed.

Blumenthal spluttered out apologies in late May for making "mistatements" about the nature of his military service, but the flap cost the Attorney General the sizeable lead he enjoyed in polling among likely voters. McMahon completely erased the 20 point lead Blumenthal held to run head to head with the former Marine reservist.

“Would you lie about serving in a war?” asks the narrator in the ad. “Dick Blumenthal did again and again ... He lied about Vietnam. What else is he lying about?”

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