Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama Loads Up On Slurpee and Late' Metaphors for the Road

Republicans routinely drive the U.S. economy into the proverbial ditch while alternately sipping Slurpees and Lates', says Obama to dwindling crowds of supporters, again, and again and again and again. Who knew Slurpees and Lates' were the drinks of choice for pampered Republicans? Poor Dems, chides Obama to his audience, we keep digging cars out of ditches, and Republicans turn around and mash the petal on the way to the nearest moat.

Alas, the choice refreshment of the rich and privileged, has finally crossed the aisle. The good people at 7/11 say, "We really appreciate President Obama giving the Slurpee free publicity. (But), the Slurpee is bipartisan." And another drink of kings and captains of industry falls to the hoi polloi.

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