Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Richard Blumenthal Can't Explain How To Create A Job

During their first televised debate, Republican candidate for governor of Connecticut and WWE CEO Linda McMahon, pointedly asked Democrat and lifelong government wonk Richard Blumenthal, "you talked about how you want to incentivize small businesses, tell me something, how do you create a job." Blumenthal hemmed and hawed, and stammered and fumbled about government, a job is created, variety of services, we should create more jobs, I have stood up for jobs, I stood up for jobs at the GM plant, rambled Blumenthal, trying to remember some of his campaign talking points but to no avail.

After a pause, in a follow-up to her interrogative McMahon cooly responded, "Government, government, government; government does not create jobs, it's very simple how you create jobs; an entrepenuer takes a risk, he or she creates a good or service that is sold for more than it cost to make it. If an entrepeneur thinks he can do that, he creates a job." - Bravo, Linda McMahon!

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