Thursday, November 11, 2010

California Mystery Missile - No Missile Say Experts

James Oberg writes on the Mystery Missile Wasn't a Missile at All in Tech Talk. I am persuaded by the argument that what the CBS helicopter news crew saw and videotaped was only a commercial airliner's contrail under special viewing conditions.

There was no missile. There was no military oversight, or "oops" (accidental launch). It wasn't hobbyists or space commercializers or another country or cabal or terrorist cell. It was an ordinary phenomenon seen in unusual circumstances in a region where people had for years been trained to interpret cloud-streaks in the sky as missiles—and they were almost always right. Just not this time.The most impressive argument that airliner contrails can look like missile launches (and this video sure looked like one, to me and almost everyone else) is composed of videos where it's happened before.

Oberg enlists the contrails expertise of none other than “Cirrus Uncinus” (Curly Hooks) to make his case.

Here is a compilation of contrail anomalies left by airliners. Some of the trails look very much like the one made by the West Coast 'mystery missile'.

One fellow says it was US Airways Flight 808.

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