Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bunny Dressage Hops Onto the World Stage

Hey sports fans. Have you always wished you could compete in the tony world of International Dressage but don't have the oats or the dough to field an expensive equestrian champion?
Well take heart dear friends. A more pedestrian version of the aristocratic pagentry sometimes referred to as, "Horse Ballet" is now available to the hoi polloi. Bunny Dressage, with all the riviting elements of Grand Prix Dressage enjoyed by the well-heeled, include the calm, composed, Piaffe, the great elevation and strides of le' Passage and extended gaits for cuniculus sized competitors are now but a hare's breadth away for the cottontail set. Will the thrill of watching the performances of the Lipizzaner stallions give way to the graceful levades of the Lapinzaner bucks?

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