Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wisconsin Unionists Disrupt Special Olympics Recognition Ceremony

They're doing it for the children. Union protesters dressed themselves as Zombies, (very appropriate) and marched between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Special Olympics kids who were gathered to hear him deliver a speech honoring their achievement and participation in the national program. The unionists stood facing the children, blocking their view of the Governor and remained motionless during the time of his address to the children and their parents.

You may not agree with Scott Walker but when you impede, disrupt or try to shut down the right of others to freely and peaceably assemble and participate in a ceremony just because you don't like someone participating in the ceremony, you are way over the line. I'm grateful that these goons didn't try to start a riot while the children were around.

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ungs_shopping_center said...

As a special person myself, I find this action sickening and infantile. Who were the 'special' people there? This is so sad. These protesters took advantage of the situation with total disregard to the many folks who worked hard to get this recognition. Grow up people.