Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Leftist Protesters Arrested While Disrupting Paul Ryan Appearance

Come gather 'round protesters wherever you roam; in search of golden protest. That's the place where sixties retreads try and recreate the havoc and anarchy that ruled and reigned over the University of San Francisco and UC Berserkly during the era of "flower power". Yes, who could ever forget the "Summer of Love"?

These protesters pop up at an event sponsored by the Rotary Club, where Paul Ryan had been invited to SPEAK, not listen to a lot of canned talking point crap coming from semi-professional agitators trying to hijack an event meant for grownups. It's stuff like this that gives Beatniks a bad name. ChickenFat, Man!
Have all the malcontents been escorted out the door? Groovy!

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