Saturday, June 25, 2011

RIP: Peter Falk 1927-2011

A hilarious skit from a 1977 episode of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Series featuring Peter Falk as the rumpled, bumbling, ever-forgetful Leiutenant Columbo. Falk stays in character as he leaves the audience and entertainment's bigs in stitches with his antics during a roast of the late Frank Sinatra. Truly a jewel from the halcyon days of Television.

Falk, who had reportedly been suffering from Alzheimer's disease was 83 years old. He appeared in on and off Broadway stage productions, in musicals, comedies and feature films. Peter Falk was a marvelous actor and person. He will be missed. NBC has a brief bio and slideshow of the late actor's life and career here.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ann Coulter on The View: Liberals Are Committing Violence at Tea Parties

While promoting her book "Demonic" on The View, conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter points out for the benefit of her hosts and members of the TV audience that Republicans are the party of peaceful order and that Liberals are party of mobs.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wisconsin Unionists Disrupt Special Olympics Recognition Ceremony

They're doing it for the children. Union protesters dressed themselves as Zombies, (very appropriate) and marched between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Special Olympics kids who were gathered to hear him deliver a speech honoring their achievement and participation in the national program. The unionists stood facing the children, blocking their view of the Governor and remained motionless during the time of his address to the children and their parents.

You may not agree with Scott Walker but when you impede, disrupt or try to shut down the right of others to freely and peaceably assemble and participate in a ceremony just because you don't like someone participating in the ceremony, you are way over the line. I'm grateful that these goons didn't try to start a riot while the children were around.

Bunny Dressage Hops Onto the World Stage

Hey sports fans. Have you always wished you could compete in the tony world of International Dressage but don't have the oats or the dough to field an expensive equestrian champion?
Well take heart dear friends. A more pedestrian version of the aristocratic pagentry sometimes referred to as, "Horse Ballet" is now available to the hoi polloi. Bunny Dressage, with all the riviting elements of Grand Prix Dressage enjoyed by the well-heeled, include the calm, composed, Piaffe, the great elevation and strides of le' Passage and extended gaits for cuniculus sized competitors are now but a hare's breadth away for the cottontail set. Will the thrill of watching the performances of the Lipizzaner stallions give way to the graceful levades of the Lapinzaner bucks?

Spectacular Solar Prominence Eruption - June 7th 2011

Saturday, June 04, 2011

U.S. Soldier Thwarts Florida Bank Robbery

I love this story. U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples put his combat training to use in assisting a bank robber achieve a full-on face plant to the pavement, after the robber brandished a gun toward his children. The robber flashed a realistic-looking fake gun at patrons of a Sarasota, Florida bank while demanding cash from a teller. Peoples hid his kids behind furniture while the robbery was in progress.
When the robber fled with some of the bank's cash that's when the criminal's whole day unraveled.

Peoples jumped in his rented van and blocked the robber's dark-colored Honda in a parking space. The robber rammed the van several times with his car, trying to flee. When that did not work, he confronted Peoples, pointing his gun at his face. Peoples said his Army combat training simply took over. He used his left arm to grab and twist the robber's arm until the wrist locked, making it easy for Peoples to strip the gun away. Then he used a martial arts move to wrap one arm behind the robber's neck and slam him face first to the ground.

The robber was fully engaged in contemplating the minutiae of parking lot asphalt when Sherriff's Deputies arrived at the scene to make the arrest.

Pics and full story here.
HT: Ace

Friday, June 03, 2011

Andrew Klavin: One State Solution - Make the Entire Middle East Israel

I like the idea. Methinks it's not so meshugana after all.