Monday, August 15, 2011

WWII Homefront Pictures in Living Color

A compelling gallery of images, and a stark departure from the grainy black and white images we have of America's greatest generation.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann Wins in Iowa

Michelle Bachmann wins the Iowa straw poll. Congresswoman Bachmann who hails from the buckeye state stressed her faith and her opposition to abortion and gay marrage. Bachmann prompted hearty cheers from audiences when she announced:  We are going to make Barack Obama a one-term president! While the results of the Iowa straw do not guarantee the candidate will carry the day all the way to the primaries and election day, one candidate who did win all three contests, twice in a row, was President George W. Bush.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ann Althouse Assaulted by Leftists at Wisconsin State Capital

No surprise that leftists would harass and later attack the petite Ann Althouse as she and her family and friends record protestors at a Madison, Wisconsin singalong. You see the attack early on in the video.

Beyond the assault, the especially disturbing part of the video is the reaction of the police to her son's report on the event. The policeman's comment to the family in effect is that her family should stand by and endure physical assault and just call the police. Just let the police handle it is the reply. Courts have established in the past that policemen are not personal body guards. The policeman's comment is flawed beyond the most basic form of common reasoning.

That same mind set is rampant in Great Britain, where police were agonizing for days over what would be the appropriate use of force to stop, perchance dissuade rioters and looters from burning down all of London. Paul A. Rhae has an insightful article about up about the malaise of liberalism acting in the role of adjudicator between crime and punishment at Ricochet titled, Rioting for Fun and Profit. One excerpt reads: One evening, a group of thugs took the train into Cambridge from a nearby town, walked to Clare Hall, hurled bricks through the windows, broke into the apartments, stole computers, then marched to the train station and journeyed home. No one was ever caught.

I am told that fewer than ten percent of burglaries are solved and that, of those who are convicted, fewer than ten percent do time. In effect, there is no law and there is no order in Britain. You cannot bear arms. You are denied the means of self-defense. It is illegal to use force to defend your property. If you use “disproportionate force” in defending your person, you can and will be jailed. It is demanded that you leave all such matters to the police, and law enforcement is ineffectual. Not surprisingly, even before the riots that Britain is suffering right now, theft and violent crime were considerably greater there than in the United States.

If thugs can feel free to assault people in broad daylight without fear of arrest or the dispensation of justice, then we are all in peril.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Reverend Al's Cavalcade of Struggle: Resist We Much!

Another immortal entry in the anals of agenda "journalism". What new words of encouragement and inspiration will the Rev' offer to sooth the long-suffering proletariat? Perhaps dear Reverend can exhort the downtrodden in the ways of sustainable living, with the clarion call of: "Go Green, We Mulch!".